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TIP is a different type of web agency, specializing in transforming outdated, inefficient digital problems by developing custom, spot-on web and software solutions. We simplify complex processes. Our services include web design, web software development, mobile app development and digital marketing. Everything is designed and developed in house by our own team. No offshoring or outsourcing.

Advanced web design with custom web software development from The Idea People in Charlotte.
21 Years of Web & Software

Three Decades Later...

99.1% of all businesses will need to innovate this year. Every year it’s the same percentage. Amazon changed the business landscape with a swipe and a click. Now everybody expects the same performance from any site, including yours. That’s our sweet spot. Taking sites and systems that don’t work and making them look good while they talk to each other.

Your customers demand real-time access to their account information, purchases, pricing tables and product data. We take your seemingly difficult business technology goals and develop a solid roadmap to move you forward. Adapt to the pace of your customers for the big wins.

We've worked with incredible brands since 1994.

When you do work that matters, magic happens.
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