We Are a Highly Experienced Web & Software Development Agency That Solves Modern Business Challenges.

We solve outdated, inefficient digital problems by developing custom, spot-on web and software solutions. We're like the Swiss Army Knife of the web and software world. Our services include web software development, web design, mobile app development and digital marketing. We do everything in house hand-crafted by our own people. No offshoring or outsourcing.

Web design and The Internet of Things (IoT) from The Idea People in Charlotte.
21 Years of Unforgettable Ideas

We're Everything Web, Digital & Software

Our history and background is immense, working with brand icons and companies from New York to New Orleans. Our substantial capabilities and absolute experience establishes us as the go-to resource for brands that need accepted, creative that needs expressed, and technology that needs advanced. There is no other agency or any other web company that has the longevity, credibility and level of confidence that we do.

We've always been the people you call when no one else can do what you need. Our longevity, stability and maturity is balanced with invention, imagination and confidence. We know the trends and hype and we can cut through and identify what you need to remain relevant. The future is how and where you use these tools and our experience to jump over competitors.

We've worked with incredible brands since 1994.

When you do work that matters, magic happens.
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