The Idea People in Charlotte are an idea-driven web design, mobile app and Internet marketing agency built to improve your business outcomes. We pioneer innovation from ideas and we thrive in creating something new. Within all of our experience in creative design, technology integration and story telling, we still find today that people engage with people, so we build things for people. This approach has made us sought-after experts for brands and corporations that need something new or are dissatisfied with their current agency's performance. Clients continue to partner with us when they need more than what they get from other providers. Begin the positive change today by contacting us.

Jay Joyce and Bill McCown founded The Idea People concept in 1994. They wrote down their thoughts at Atlanta's Varsity Drive-In, excited about building a full-service agency centered around the growing Internet. Since the days of dial-up and floppy disks, The Idea People have adapted to every technological breakthrough and creative paradigm shift. Jay and Bill didn’t just create a great idea and web company — they built a unique, successful and solid business. The compliment they hear most often? “That’s why you’re called The Idea People!”
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That makes it all happen.


Innovation springs from sharing our ideas in an environment that is conducive to creativity. How can we invent a new creative concept, a fresh spin on a mobile app or an addictive viral video? You never know where or when the spark of a brilliant idea will strike, but when it does – we’re ready.


Inspiration and creativity are derivatives from motivation. "Give me enough room, and I'll change the world." Our people are supported by professional educations, degrees and experience. Our internal mantra brings smart, like-minded people together in a positive, forward-moving environment that gives us the bandwidth to create exceptional results.


Our relationships and friendships are not confined to cubicles and conference rooms. Building new ideas requires an eclectic balance of Star Wars, the Walking Dead, craft beers, off-the-cuff humor, donuts, video games, music and family time. We’re invested in building the team relationships that make our agency thrive.

Pro Bono

Every week we do meaningful pro bono work with our non-profit partners. We view pro bono work as a direct reflection on our brand, so we commit long-term with our non-profit partners. TIP team members have such strong character, purpose and social responsibility in their lives that it fuels this work with energy and compassion. With the shift in corporate philosophy from a traditional philanthropy approach to a more corporate social responsibility approach, we see extreme value in providing our non-profits with a skills-based pro bono relationship.

American Red Cross
Carolina Freedom Foundation
Girls on the Run
Nortch Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution
Search Exchange
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