Branding, brand building & logo design

Creating the driver to grow your business

Branding, brand building and logo graphic design encompass the creation of your company, product or service image. A really well-designed brand will represent your internal culture, public offering, and experience while conveying emotion, trust, excitement, and other subliminal messages.

The brand is the entire experience with your company. Signage. Website. Email signature. Brochures and collateral. Company apparel. Company vehicles. Voice mail and receptionist. Video. Sales pitch. The brand is the entire presentation that can touch customers, vendors and employees.

Our process is proven and it works.

The Idea People begins the branding process by listening to your specific story. We need to hear and understand your company mission, your marketplace strengths and weaknesses, your competitive situation, what your customers love about you, what you want to improve, and every little nuance that makes you...unique.

We then think. Really good strategies come from thinking about your unique situation. We think about your market. Where is the opportunity for you to grow? We think about your customers. How can we motivate them to convert? We think about your image. What is it about your company that will make customers tick?

We then research. What colors are appropriate? Shapes? Icons? What are competitors doing? What will we say about your brand? Positioning, features and benefits?

We then create. Surprisingly, this is the last stage that we do to create a brand. By this time we have developed personality, messaging, brand traits, behaviors, expectations, and characteristics like trust, authority, leadership, and appropriate characteristics.

We pull everything together to present your brand to the marketplace. We create the driver for your business.

Stages of The Idea People branding process

  • Listening to you
  • Understanding your mission
  • Absorbing your characteristics
  • Organizing positioning and messaging
  • Marketplace & competitive research
  • Color, shape & font research
  • Graphic design & collaboration
  • Brand standards manual

Interested in creating or improving your brand?

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A well-defined and designed brand captures the entire experience of your company when customers interact from any point.

What our clients say...

For the past 5 years, I have used The Idea People to bring my marketing and advertising projects to life. Their creativity is phenomenal... always fresh, forward-thinking, and unique! We use a lot of printed materials to market our products and services and I rely heavily on The Idea People to design creative home runs each and every time.

Ellen Coulter, President