Better Digital & Inbound Marketing

by Jay Joyce - Sep 28, 2015

One of our agency's strongest attributes is the powerful approach we take toward digital and inbound marketing. We've seen the trends range from SEO to content optimization to "white label" digital or automated marketing dashboards. Through all of these movements we have been a leader in understanding the impact, the end game and the return on investment of each program. And when we look back to see where these movements have gone and what is evolving on the horizon, we see a clear path of how to offer these services with maximum impact and consistent results.

Better Digital & Inbound Marketing

"It's not about building a better mousetrap than some other digital agency tries to pull together," says Wesley Farnam, chief digital strategist with The Idea People. "Our digital and inbound marketing program, Circulo™, puts our clients in positions across multiple digital platforms to actually capture, engage and pull through the right customers on a consistent basis. This is way beyond rogue posts and generic tweets."

Avoid the mousetrap or you'll get caught. "Whatever you do for your digital strategy, don't let an agency put a 'white label' over an automated marketing platform because you'll get generic results and lackluster support," adds Farnam. "Our approach with our Circulo™ program is a total custom strategy with numerous digital data feeds, monitored channels, adjusted strategies and human control. Nothing we do is automated."

Technology based marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte.

Add experts and watch digital flourish. Our full-time internal digital team plans, writes, monitors, adjusts, strategizes and reports an entire breadth of digital and inbound marketing tools to provide a fluid, flexible and results-oriented service. "We think of our Circulo™ program as having the best collection of digital data coming in to our team members so they can actually analyze, make adjustments and implement on-the-fly," says Farnam. "We are the opposite of other digital agencies because we value both the data and our team members to make better digital and inbound marketing decisions."

More creativity, advanced support and total agency approach. Our strategies with digital marketing includes the full assets of our agency from writing to creative design to technology to strategy. "While we were building and testing the components to our Circulo™ program this year, the key component we established was to provide a full service approach to managing a client's digital and inbound marketing program," said Farnam. "The results from these clients are substantially improved over automated marketing programs because we can customize every campaign with pieces from our internal team, which makes a program flexible, fresh and adaptive to a particular channel or demographic."

Stop 'posting' and 'tweeting' and start marketing. Our Circulo™ digital and inbound marketing program is designed to build research, testing, measurement and reaction against automated posting and tweeting plugins. "Well, we know by analyzing results and reviewing predictability tables from the data we collect shows us that generic automated posts only reach approximately 17% of a target audience," said Farnam. "We focus on not only the other 83% that is under served but the full 100% of a true targeted audience. Before we get digital, we understand the true marketing mission with our client prior to implementing our Circulo™ program. Otherwise, we're not going to be effective at all."

There is an alternative to canned or automated marketing software programs. "Our basic Circulo™ engagement begins at five thousand dollars monthly and increases based on the resources needed to have the impact that the client demands," adds Farnam. "This type of digital marketing is powerful and will become the expected level of performance, especially as the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology based marketing impact clients and their profit margins."

You can learn more about Circulo™ and how this custom digital marketing program can boost your brand's online importance by contacting Wesley Farnam at or calling 704-398-4437.

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