IoT in Charlotte – Digital Sensation or Digital Catastrophe?

by Jay Joyce - Aug 20, 2015

There have been some fairly involved discussions around board rooms and our conference room about the Internet of Things here in Charlotte. "How do we adopt the IoT technologies? Where are the efficiencies? What can it do for my service-based company?"

Our official IoT agency position here at The Idea People is that by the year 2020, in just four short years, companies of all sizes will either be digital sensations or digital catastrophes.

What is IoT in the Simplest Form?

We use two "C's" to describe the Internet of Things:  the connection of everything to the Internet and the collection of new levels of data.

This means that your business assets, data and processes are connected with people and business systems to enable a higher level of possibilities and financial opportunities. The resulting benefits will be guaranteed outcomes or new business offerings for your customers.

How Will IoT Affect My Business?

Service-based businesses will offer digital services through the use of connected devices that will automate processes, streamline employee performance, bring more value to your customers and provide much stronger data to operate more profitably.

IoT is the collection of data from connected devices and "things." With these new levels of access to data, your business will have the power to offer your clients guaranteed outcomes or new business offerings. This means more revenue from new offerings.

How Do The Idea People Help Me?

The Idea People will be your first step and the last mile for preparing your business to take advantage of the Internet of Things.

IoT Assessment. Your company can be either a manufacturing or service-based business. "We spend time with a new IoT client to hear where they exist today in the digital space, what type of efficiencies do they need or want, how can we identify new service offerings, what technology or product commitments do they need to make to meet those demands, and how do we build a data program to assess the collected data," said Wesley Farnam, chief digital strategist with The Idea People. "This will indeed be a race for early adopting companies to position themselves as leaders of cutting-edge digital tools and data that virtually guarantees business outcomes."

New Service Creation. Where can we identify digital opportunities for your business to create value for your customer base? What type of predictive or assumptive business cases can we build [using the newly collected data] to offer better solutions for your customers? Where can we help you "take credit" for services that you are already providing by leveraging digital strategies?

Rocket Science Data Science. Yes, this is rocket science. We will develop, along with our partnership with the UNCC School of Informatics, a business algorithm that collects, sorts, dices, slices, chops and delivers data into useful chunks of appetizing metrics. Suggestive and assumptive data science menus will be created for your new service offerings. This is about using data that you collect from customer transactions and processes, along with sophisticated analytics reporting, to build end results that have true impact on bottom lines.

Web & Mobile Databases. Access to this sophisticated digital asset will connect via desktop and mobile devices. Custom software and applications will empower your team members to easily report and interpret collected data to offer smarter business outcomes to your clients.

It's Creative & Functional. Everything we do is well designed and highly functional. Even in the future, intuitive navigation, beautiful creative design and proper messaging will connect people to things to data.

IoT is the vision. And we are all using the Internet of Things in our daily lives to operate lights, heating and cooling, security systems, remote devices and even our home DVR. It's here. In a big way.

You can contact us at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email to talk about how IoT will make your business a true digital sensation.

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