The Idea People

The Challenge

The Idea People was in need for a redesign of our brand, so we approached the project just as we do for any client project. We wanted a fresh, updated logo. We also needed a new creative presence that embraced our work, culture and experience. We wanted to perfect our brand story with compelling content, custom photography, and rich HD videos.

The Solution

Once we determined the specifications for each deliverable, we built a timeline for the project. We formed teams to accomplish each task. We wanted our new design to stay true to our history and strengthen the “digital experts” aspect of our personality. We also wanted to modernize our visual design and make the UX more exciting and welcoming.

Finding a Brand Persona

In forming a persona for the brand, we looked at The Idea People as a person and less like a collection of code. We decided that The Idea People is creative, but not a snob; intelligent, but not condescending; technical, but not unapproachable. These traits act as our design constraints, making everything much easier to develop. This also allows us to critique designs in terms of concrete, established goals.

Perfecting the Brand

By using The Idea People’s brand persona, we were able to brainstorm new ideas. This persona is not just about keeping your content and voice consistent, it also serves as a source of design inspiration. It became easier to visualize a rebranding of an established Charlotte digital agency.

Collaborative/Interactive Design

Design input came from all team members: designers, developers, account mangers, content specialists, social media marketers, and owners. The Idea People website design focused on crafting interactions that inspire, surprise and delight. Our new website is responsive, scaling to any size device.

Video Production

Telling The Idea People story with words was not enough. To provide an enhanced user experience, it was necessary to integrate personalized photography and videos into the site. Through a series of candid and staged photo shoots, we ended up with hundreds of photos and narrowed them down to the ones that are on our website. Video production requires scripts, rewrites, storyboards, recording, editing and revisions. The goal was to capture the persona of our brand, and we think these videos did just that.


Since launching, The Idea People has grown in clients, revenue and employees. In fact, we are quickly outgrowing our 4,000 sq. ft. agency space in the Carolina School Supply Building on West Morehead Street. It’s a good problem to have!

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