Strategy plays an enormous role in everything we do at TIP. Our marketing strategy research, analytics and consulting services will elevate your brand's exposure and position in your market space. We bring together experience, insights and advanced analytics to implement a strategy that will change your brand’s trajectory. Our unique niche in generating new ideas and strategies has helped many companies realign marketing plans with target customers.

Sales & Marketing

Every person is a marketer. Every person is a sales representative. We create solid sales and marketing strategies that grow from proper messaging and knowledge about "where you work." Imagine the power of your brand if every team member could repeat the same message in their daily conversations. Sales and marketing results begin with knowledge, enthusiasm and genuine understanding of your company. Now you're ready to move into the market.

Branding & Identity

What is your company brand? What does it stand for? How do your customers engage with your brand? This is way past a logo or positioning statement. We're talking vision, mission, core values, culture and voice. We craft conversations (brand voices) that build long-term capacity, controlled publicity and customer involvement. At the same time, we design striking visual identities that fuel your brand conversations. This is your story. We help you tell it and show it.

Digital Strategies

Customer acquisition and retention are at the center of this great digital revolution. Brands are fighting, stealing, trumping and buying chunks of digital space...just to be there. "Well, somebody up top said we had to do it and to do it now!" We use new ideas blended with digital best practices to build custom strategies that connect with people. Our belief is that behind every screen is a customer waiting to be inspired and connected to your brand.

Digital Planning

So we have our digital strategy set. How do we implement it? We create custom digital plans that cut through market clutter and reach out to build relationships between you and your customer. Social media, social advertising, content writing, public relations, online sponsorships, content optimization and vertical channel creation. No convoluted business plans or unnecessary meetings - just strategy that works quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Project Management

Our unique project management approach has evolved from 21 years of actual experience and leadership. We use weird terms like resource allocation, project portals, the 80/20 rule, collaboration and communication. We know, right? Our work is fearless on your behalf and we never back down from any project challenge. And our agency owners actually work in the project management process with our clients.

Page Optimization

Since our beginning in 1994, we have been content and website page optimization crazy. We never dipped into the SEO fad. Because one of our agency owners is a writer, web content and website page optimization for higher organic search results has always been critical. We will create a custom content and optimization strategy that portrays your brand voice in the right place, at the right time, to the right people. Then we implement.

Research & Ideation

Every team member here at TIP is an idea and research person. We never stop looking at where we want to go. We're tenacious, spunky, gutsy and resolved to discovering new ideas and pathways for our clients to grow. Once we identify a solid direction, we deploy user group testing that uncovers user roles and creates personas to fine tune strategy and create the roadmap. Then we go to UX interface design, mobile app development and beyond.

A/B "Split" Testing

Split testing has been around for centuries. Do you prefer this version or that version? We deep-dive into your site's analytics to build a story on sign-ups, purchases, bounces, conversions, abandonments, downloads and more. Then we start augmenting these objective points on your site with A/B variations. A/B testing removes the guesswork from poorly-performing conversion points by enabling data-driven decision making.

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