Redefining Content Marketing Strategies

by Jay Joyce - Mar 03, 2017

For a long time, search-engine-optimization (SEO) has been a key focus for digital marketing professionals. Generating content for the purpose of increasing web presence, and in return ranking higher on Google search results, has been the practice for years. We also believe that wearing your heart on your sleeve as a brand speaks volumes about how you nurture relationships and conduct business. So we invented a new content marketing paradigm that addresses both spectrums.

Get a Whiff of That Content Marketing Shift

Parallel Content is the platform facilitating this new focus, shifting attention away from the content around SEO practices without sacrificing them altogether. “It is still necessary to optimize your content for search engines, however, the content should not reflect this approach,” said Jay Joyce with The Idea People.

The biggest benefit gained by this approach is the emotional connection it builds. It is through this connection that trust begins to form and positive relationships can start to take shape. People listen to those they trust and typically trust those who continuously provide them with entertainment or accurate knowledge. It is this trust that an eventual sale can be made. Think of it as storytelling from a brand’s perspective. But why bother? After all, you just want to make sales.

Many positives occur for your business when you make a personal connection. When you develop, share, and promote content that has no direct sales pitch involved (and is created for the mere purpose of providing highly entertaining or educational content) you begin to show off a brand’s personality and its true colors. Rather, you're showing a potential customer what the brand is made of, not the product itself.

By focusing on the feeling gained by doing business with the brand, and not on the feeling provided from buying a product, you start to nurture a long-term relationship which, not only can lead to a sale but potentially a lifetime of sales throughout a customer’s life.

What Parallel Content Is

“When we say ‘Parallel Content’ we are describing a piece of media that is not just relevant,” said Joyce. “We are describing one that dives deeper into a brand by capturing the personal characteristics and emotion of the brand in a way that showcases its essence and personality.”

Some things parallel content is:

“The days of stuffing keywords in every nook and cranny of an article for higher rankings died in 2015. We have to be, no, we are demanded to be, as smart as Google to anticipate where and how content will be searched by readers and indexed by Google,” added Joyce, “So we are always trying to find more useful approaches for content to be included in customer's news feeds.”

What Parallel Content Is Not

So what does Parallel Content look like?

A good example of this approach is a long-form piece produced by The Idea People and published by Thomas Lee Sheets called The First Year Without My Father.

Content marketing strategies are shifting toward parallel content, a concept developed by The Idea People.Parallel content is redefining content marketing strategies for digital marketers.

Not only does the book showcase the brand, Thomas Lee Sheets, in an unobtrusive way, it also provides the reader with a personalized image of the brand allowing them to connect with the company on a more intimate level. No more stuffing keywords into a blog! “The book has had an extremely positive impact for Thomas Lee Sheets,” said Gretchen Lindsay, author of the book, “it’s already a big hit on Amazon!”

The book is offered on Amazon here and is available for download in all formats should you wish to check it out.

If you would like to see what creative parallel content The Idea People can generate for you, please reach out at 704-398-4437 or email us at Our in-house teams of digital and content marketing professionals can handle any content marketing, PPC, social advertising, and content optimization needs you may have.

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