Technology-based Marketing Embraces IoT

by Jay Joyce - Aug 26, 2015

Everybody is digital. Digital this and digital that. "Look over here! We're digital, too!" Anybody or any company that uses computers and electronic media to push messaging out is a digital company. But there is a difference between technology-based marketing and digital marketing, especially when you introduce the Internet of Things (IoT).

"A very large line has been drawn in the sand to help companies focused on IoT strategies to find the right marketing agency to help them with their program," said Wesley Farnam, chief digital strategist with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC. "IoT strategy requires a specialized approach to marketing via technology channels. And that is what we are deploying at The Idea marketing."

Technology-based Marketing for IoT

  1. Be a technologist with a marketing mind. Connecting every "thing" to the Internet, collecting and reporting against great walls of data and applying marketing strategies through technology channels requires a new mindset and a new set of ideas. "As we build our technology-based marketing program, our focus broadens to include being really good technologists with a firm understanding on how connectivity, data analysis and technology marketing affects our clients," said Farnam. "We're not talking about rogue Tweets or Facebook posts. This is sophisticated approaches to data algorithms, customer engagements and behaviors and delivering messaging toward guaranteed outcomes and new service offerings for our clients."
  2. Adopt new technologies. The Internet of Things (IoT) will involve "just-in-time" messaging and delivery of content within moments of an intent to purchase or an actual shopping shelf stop. "Apple and its iBeacon retail partners are working with Bluetooth transmitters to place offers to smartphones with shoppers that are just inches away from products," said Farnam. "Just imagine the extremely high closing ratios of sales occurring right at the shelf. It's almost like using the data and technology to guarantee outcomes."
  3. Customer personalization is the right touch. The CRM capabilities of actually tracking where customers are exists today. Either via a customer's smartphone or with on-shelf tablets, a customer could select the size, color and model of a product and actually show how it would function in a manner in which the customer would actually use it. "The use of realtime, on-demand video connected through a CRM system can personalize a product experience to place the customer even closer to a sale," adds Farnam. "It's almost like, if the customer can picture themselves actually using the product, the percentage chance of closing the sale sky rockets."
  4. Connecting things via SaaS for immediate consumption. What if we could offer pay-as-you-go or subscription based samplings of your product or service? "Software as a service is the perfect technology-based marketing outlet to connect realtime product sampling and to increase on-demand consumption," says Farnam. "The concept of 'let me try this one time or for a short time period' before I commit to the major purchase is an extremely realistic thought on connecting soft marketing to the physical IoT environment."
  5. I'm on Cloud 9 and not coming down. Yeah, if you're not marketing through cloud channels to current and prospective customers, you're missing the entire IoT experience. "The cloud is the most significant technology paradigm shift to hit private businesses of all sizes in the last two years," added Farnam. "Cloud storage for hardware and software is inexpensive and tremendously lowers any company's capital investment in technology. And broadcasting marketing messages through these cloud channels brings an entirely new frontier to technology-based marketing strategies."

Not only will we at The Idea People create and discover new technology-based marketing channels, but we are creating the next generation of measurement and metricsTechnology based marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte. analysis. "We are getting ready to launch a new technology-based marketing service called Circulo in October," said Farnam. "Circulo will curate specific metrics, reports and impact from every content stream and social channel across a given brand's coverage area. This data will then be analyzed to deliver a highly focused and close to guaranteed level of results. We are very excited about launching this new program."

Circulo™ will be a vital component of building, measuring, analyzing and delivering technology-based marketing strategies and programs for companies and brands that are connected to the Internet of Things. "This level of technology, creativity and experimentation is literally where new frontiers and spaces are created," added Farnam. "We're very excited about being at the front of this space with technology-based marketing and inventing programs to bring to businesses across the Carolinas."

You can connect with Wesley Farnam at The Idea People by calling 704-398-4437 or email

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