2015 Web Design Trends

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Feb 17, 2015

Web design is a critical component in effective marketing and lead generation. Today’s websites are designed for a mobile world – one that emphasizes video content and blocks of content designed to captivate and convert visitors.

Two months into 2015 and already we're seeing many new trends (and a few fads) that will continue to make their presence known. We've developed a list of 2015 web design trends that will have a big impact on your business:

Mobile First

The number of mobile web users is growing at a rapid pace and the “mobile first” philosophy will grow stronger in 2015. Responsive design is no more a feature, it’s a must and designers will have to rethink the way they design websites for mobile users to give the best experiences possible.

Natural Stock Photography

People want images of people that appear un-staged — stock photography that isn't too 'stocky'. In 2015, we're going to see an increase in this kind of natural stock photography - professional images that are still staged but give the viewer a glimpse into a real moment, snapped from a real event.

Big & Bold Typography

Over-sized headlines and big, bold typography works and has an impact on the visitor. We’ll be seeing more of this straightforward, powerful and effective from of typography in 2015.

One-Color Dominance

Backgrounds, type, image overlays, buttons - we're going to see more websites using predominantly one color.  Putting a strong accent on one color creatures emphasis and makes it more memorable.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds  are the ultimate experience in portraying emotions, intentions and tells way more than any picture. We saw this trend rise quickly in 2014 but the real peak will be in 2015. We've implemented this trend in a few of our own sites, including Wiki Wiki Car Wash.

Cards, Tiles and Fixed Blocks

With Pinterest being the leader in this design trend, we’ll see more blogs and eCommerce websites popping up that use the card and title technique in 2015. In 2014, designers used fixed blocks for navigation menus and sidebars. In 2015, we'll see even more websites utilizing fixed blocks.

Subtle Parallax

Too much parallax can break the design and ruin the whole experience. In 2015, will see more subtle parallax scrolling and animations that add to user experiences instead of breaking them.


Illustrations have always been a part of web design but we’ll see even more beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations implemented in website experiences to represent the brand, tell a story and connect with the visitor.

Big Data

Big data is becoming more important in the tech industry as well as in web design. We’ll be seeing more graphs, charts and interactive data projections in 2015.

Interactive Journeys

Interactive websites are creating unique and personalized experiences by playing audio and video, as well as connecting to your camera and microphone to allow more interaction and in-depth storytelling.

Charlotte Web Design and Marketing

Good web design usually equates to understanding where tablet and mobile technologies are trending,” says Joyce.  ”When we create strategies for tablet and mobile users, our web designers create custom user interfaces that embrace web design best practices, emerging technology offerings and content delivery and marketing goals from the client.”

To learn more about professional web design and website development for your brand, please call Jay Joyce with The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com.  We can design a custom web and mobile strategy to take you through 2014 and be in the right web channels at the right time.

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