3 Companies that Aced the Storytelling Game

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 19, 2017

3 Ads We Think Aced Storytelling through Web Film

What does storytelling have to do with marketing? Almost everything. In fact, it is story telling that crafts the message that is being put out to consumers. It’s a pretty nifty tool because it can be applied to any medium and platform, but for now we’re going to concentrate on the medium of web film. A web film is exactly what it sounds like: a little bit longer than the average commercial, it tells the story of the product that the company wants to convey, and there are 3 companies in particularly that we believe took the medium of video content by storm:

Apple: Apocalypse

Apple seems to get credit for things without even trying, but this time they deserve it. Apocalypse is a web film that paints a picture of what the world would be like if all of the apps that we hold so near and dear to our hearts were deleted. In short - Apple creates a world without technology, and it’s terrifying. How did they create this world? Through storytelling! What makes the ad particularly clever is that it illustrates what the ‘real world’ version of an app would be: a man and a woman go and get plastic surgery to swap their faces now that they no longer have SnapChat, a man sits at a table with a hammer and smashes up hard candies in place of Candy Crush, a girl hands out printed selfies because she cannot send them over text. Apple wraps up the commercial by reminding the viewer that innovation is the only way to stay afloat. It’s a pretty convincing argument, don’t you think?

Ikea: The Blue Bag

What can be so interesting about a blue bag? Well, maybe a print ad could not capture it, but the video content created by Ikea is the best medium to show exactly why this blue, plastic bag is so special. The storytelling that we get is emotional, and we quickly become invested in the flurry of snapshots of people’s lives who use the bag. Watching the web film from beginning to end, the message of resilience clearly resonates as a theme throughout. The best part about the ad isn’t a specific scene, but rather the voice over. The voice over goes along flawlessly with the video content in the background; We know that this bag works just as hard as the people who carry it. What drives the message home is that it also coincides with Ikea’s image. Now that is flawless storytelling.

Hippeas: Give Peas a Chance

Out of all three ads, this one is the most upbeat. But that’s not why it’s one of our favorites. We like it because this company has gotten their target audience down pat. Going so far as to  creating a vector image of what they think their customer base would look like. The line about “crumbs in our beards”, is our favorite because it resonates with our company (most of our employees opt towards the facial hair route.) If we enjoyed this web film so much, maybe that means we are the target audience that Hippeas is trying to attract. Unlike in the Ikea web film, this one focuses getting almost all of their information across through voice over. This can either limit or enhance the video, but in the case of Hippeas, it enhanced it. What this brand does so well is it leaves room for the viewer to fantasize and therefore keep the brand’s story alive. By keeping faces of real people out of the commercial, it is easier for us as viewers to imagine ourselves in the midst of the story. Do you have chick pea puffs on the brain now?

Web film is just one of many platforms that can be used to digital storytelling. The custom content that we can receive through video has made it one of the most popular storytelling mediums of this day and age. Have an advertisement that you really like or you think a brand is doing a particularly good job on a campaign? Send us an email at ideas@theideapeople.com and let’s keep the creative ideas flowing.

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