3 Mega Myths of Digital Transformation

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Mar 29, 2019

Any time that somebody uses the word "digital" to describe a service, strategy or program, the usual suspect that pops into your head first is technology on the web. And for so many digital services, that does ring true. But not so for digital transformation.

Digital transformation (aka DT or DX) is an exciting and emerging business strategy that is quickly whipping us all into a digital frenzy. And there are so many definitions of DT on the web...even from people you ask. "Well, it's where you make all of your employees purely digital," says a self-proclaimed expert. "No, it's when you move everything from your Excel files and internal servers to bigger servers like Amazon!" shouts another expert. By the way, both of these experts have no training in DT.

Where is the truth about digital transformation? Why is there so much noise about it on the web? Which sources should you believe? And what about those myths!

3 Mega Myths of Digital Transformation

Myth #1 - "My company could never adopt transformation because we still use paper forms, handshakes and Excel!" Actually, you're a fantastic prospect to begin a DT journey. If we look at DT simply, the business strategy breaks down silos inside your company, empowers each employee to do more work for your customers, and delivers your customers (current and prospective) unbelievable value...just like they were doing business with Amazon. But on your scale.Business and digital transformation with The Idea People removes doubt and uncertainty with leaders certified in transformation through MIT.

We automate manual processes, build shareable data points between you and your customers and create new market opportunities on vehicles called platforms. This is the truth.

Myth #2 - "Our company is not technical at all and we could never learn how to use new technologies!" Well, hang on. That's not true. That statement is the biggest misunderstanding about transformation, especially at medium and smaller businesses.

The main attraction for your company to adopt transformation is to increase value to your customers, to speed up the sharing of data between everybody your company touches, and to open new market spaces to increase your profits. You never need to know any computer programming or software development skills. That's what companies like TIP do.

Myth #3 - "We're too small to afford transformation because that's for companies like Amazon and Best Buy!" First of all, you're not going to need the scope of transformation like billion dollar companies. Plus you adopt transformation and implement it over a long period of time...maybe several years. And you spread your cash flow and financing out over those years. No company could do everything in just 8 months! No matter what size company you are, you can adopt digital transformation business strategies and scale your growth. Transformation for small companies is critical to help transform the company into conducting business and growing customer bases at your speed and level...not Amazon's! (btw, we can get really advanced when you need us to!)

Here at TIP, we approach digital transformation from the business strategy platform. It's true, we do introduce new technologies as they are appropriate and as they will help your business prosper. But everything is from a strategy that we map out together to customize the transformation to your company's situation.

For an in-depth consultation, please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com. Together we will sift through the myths and help you clearly see the benefits and facts of proper business transformation. See, even removing the word "digital" from it makes it sound within your grasp and more attainable!

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