3 Web Software Customer Touchpoints

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 07, 2019

The tug-of-war continues between customers needing more interactivity through customer experience from your company while you're pulling at technology to speed development to answer their demands. And it seems like every customer demand is an important one, as it usually is in their eyes.

So what are the real hot button tech touchpoints that customers are asking from your sales and customer service teams? Is it more access to more of their data? Do they want more personalized content? Or do they want you to build better platforms? Do you have the web software bandwidth to develop the solutions?

3 Web Software Customer Touchpoints

  1. Mobile Experience for Mobile Users - if your customers are like most other customers, they shop and make purchasing decisions on their phone and tablet. Dynamic serving mobile sites deliver personalized content from you based on a user's search. Is the UI/UX designed for their fingers to easily scroll and click? Does the mobile site and software download quickly to not interrupt their user experience? Is the e-commerce software intuitive and made for finger use?Mobile software UX development with The Idea People in Charlotte create better customer experiences.
  2. The Chatbot - contrary to other people's opinions, customers use Chatbots for quick help and support. And the AI Chatbot is a content-rich experience that can automate a customer's journey toward solutions and a purchase. All Chatbots can be programmed with your custom content and any performance and reporting features that help your internal teams. And most big tech thinkers believe that Chatbots will be the top-performing technology for consumers in 2020.
  3. Custom APIs for Customer Experiences - the API (Application Programming Interface) is a major asset in your web software arsenal. APIs connect your ERP to customer-facing portals, kiosks, apps and more. APIs from your 3rd party partners can be customized to deliver impressive planning, customizing and scheduling options for customers. APIs give your customer more possibilities to build stronger and deeper relationships with your company. Web software facilitates that growth.

Obviously there are many other web software applications that businesses can use to touch customers, replace outdated processes, automate old procedures or completely replace antiquated systems.

We have the talent strength to handle both front end and backend web software projects that touch the customer or solve internal productivity challenges. We are experienced web software leaders in developing whole, integrated product solutions.

Call Jay Joyce with The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or jay@theideapeople.com to discuss how web software can create opportunities or solve problems at your business.

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