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The Idea People is a Charlotte, NC-based digital product solutions company that was founded in 1994 at the beginning of the dot-com boom in Atlanta by Bill McCown and Jay Joyce. As an early digital tech startup, we focused on web design and technology for B2B, manufacturing, legal, sports and Fortune 500 clients that had challenges expanding their business footprint on the web.

We relocated to Charlotte in 2006 to tackle mobile software development and digital marketing. Transformation, in all its forms, presents new technology opportunities for us to present client solutions to rapidly-moving market changes and customer dynamics that our economy has never seen.

We're in the problem-solving business for our clients. Problems like outdated business processes, malfunctioning internal workflows, various software systems that aren't connected and customers that can't self-serve themselves through a CRM. Clients engage with us to leverage our industry knowledge and power of scale to deliver custom solutions that change their business. And we're proud that we've been doing this for more than 26 years.
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Pro Bono

We all enjoy the relationships with our non-profit partners. We see pro bono work as a direct reflection on our brand, so we commit long-term with our non-profit partners. But it's more than just resources for these partners, it's really about believing in what they do in our community.

Women's Impact Fund
North Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution
Carolinas Freedom Foundation
Charlotte web design agency TIP is the agency for Queen's Cup
33 Patriots
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