Jay and Bill founded our agency in 1993. They wrote down their thoughts at Atlanta's Varsity Drive-In, excited about building a new type of agency that included the web and digital frontiers. Since the very first day, we have been attracted to web challenges that others can't resolve. It's always been our sweet spot. We're not afraid to take risks or chart new waters on behalf of our clients. We're strategic, creative, technical and responsive.

Today, we’re a socially responsible digital organization that involves team members in company decisions, provides a career-focused culture and encourages independent contributions from each team member. Our focus on diversity, inclusion, free religious expression and community involvement motivates us to do work that really matters. And we're proud that we've been doing this for 25 years.
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Pro Bono

We all enjoy the relationships with our non-profit partners. We see pro bono work as a direct reflection on our brand, so we commit long-term with our non-profit partners. TIP team members have such strong character, purpose and social responsibility in their lives that it fuels this work with energy and compassion. And we believe in their missions.

Women's Impact Fund
North Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution
Carolinas Freedom Foundation
Queen's Cup
33 Patriots
The Idea PeopleThe Idea People