Building a successful web, mobile and marketing business comes as no surprise to clients and friends of The Idea People. With the whirring momentum of Googles and Apples innovating at a furious pace, the noise can be deafening enough to make ordinary agency people rethink their commitment to the industry.

But here we are. 24 years later. Stronger than ever. The same curiosity and passion that drove our early days of discovery and risk speaks louder to us today. Along the way, new idea people have joined the agency, bringing fresh fuel and approaches. The exciting history of the agency is really the stories and characters that have helped propel the business forward.

A third decade in any company's timeline reads like a championship team having their championship season. One thing we know for sure is that the next 24 years will include exciting history for a new era of idea thinkers as we reshape the businesses searching to write their own history.

Bill McCown & Jay Joyce

History always tells a story.This is ours.


Building a business based on constant change, moving targets and unknown entities can be an unnerving experience. We think it's the thrill of the chase, the beauty of art in motion and the unmatched victories along our journey that bind us together and create the joy of success as a team.

Carolina School
Supply Building

Charlotte Observer, October 10, 1926: “The Carolina School Supply company is located at 332 South Church street. It handles all kinds of school supplies and school furniture. It represents various manufacturers and handles the school furniture line of the American Seating Company for the Carolinas. The company was organized in 1921 and has experienced a remarkable development. It is now planning the erection of a new building on West Morehead street.” This is an inspiring building and we are proud to preserve its history and to add to its mystique.

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