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by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Sep 19, 2018

“Turning 28 years old, being an agency creative director and also being asked to join a 25-year old successful web agency as a partner all happened during my fourth year here at TIP,” said Darrell Moore. “I always knew that I had found the right home for growing my career. And staying committed to my career and to my company has paid off in every way possible.” (Below photo, L to R - Jay Joyce, Darrell Moore, Bill McCown)

Charlotte web agency creative director Darrell Moore begins his partnership with The Idea People.

The Idea People (TIP) celebrates our 25th anniversary beginning in 2019 as one of the longest running web agencies of our type in the southeast, beginning in Atlanta in 1994 on the cusp of the Internet Revolution.

“We have always had a focus on adapting emerging technologies with new devices and software platforms,” said COO and founder Bill McCown. “People like Darrell capture the creative vision of this technology connection and create beautiful user experiences and interface designs that our clients absolutely connect with because their customers become addicted to how it functions and looks.”

Charlotte website design agency The Idea People welcomes creative director Darrell Moore as a new partner.

As agency creative director, Moore is responsible for setting the creative vision and tempo for how TIP responds to client web and development project assignments. “I’ve always had this ability to visually forecast and conceptualize what the end result of a website or screen would look like,” says Moore. “Don’t rely on me to balance my checkbook, but I can certainly design and steer a team to create a web or screen interface that will knock everything else out of the browser!”

Moore’s new partner responsibilities include working closely with the agency ownership team of Bill McCown and Jay Joyce in preserving and building the unique internal company culture as well as expanding the agency footprint to other similar cities like Nashville. On the agency's radar is targeting the red-hot demand for creative and digital "everything" for the massive on-boarding of young country music talent. And with that demand for creative genius comes a requirement for technology expertise, which fits our agency profile perfectly.

“One of the biggest assets of working at TIP is that our ownership supports professional development at each person’s individual level,” adds Moore. “Ownership pays for everything and encourages every team member to challenge themselves to step outside of comfort zones and to grow in spaces that help each person expand their professional skill sets and abilities.

"It’s really awesome to watch and it makes each of us really powerful for our team. But if you don’t want to grow your career or be serious about your profession, this isn’t the shop for you. And I want to be a part of this for a long time.”

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