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by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 19, 2014

As Charlotte business owners seek potential web design and development partners, they look for a web agency that stands out from the pack and fosters their own set of culture and values. Chemistry is essential in the client-agency relationship. Knowing who you are as an agency and what's important to you as a client is a fundamental step before you can effectively solicit new business in the marketplace.

"A distinctive culture is the most powerful way in which our web agency can establish chemistry with a client," said Jay Joyce, president of The Idea People. "An agency's true points of differentiation are often grounded in its culture and vision.  To that point, we are growing an internal culture that is rooted in creative expression, group collaboration, individual achievement and shared rewards."

The Cult of Culture

"If you look at the most successful web agencies out there, they all have a defined culture," said Joyce. "At The Idea People, we operate with wit and humor while delivering creative, innovative work. We believe in challenging accepted wisdom and overturning assumptions that get in the way of new ideas."

For clients, it's a big deal to entrust the right web design agency to bring its brand to life in an insightful and creatively compelling way. For agencies, working within a client's unique corporate culture is essential to fulfill expectations and create a harmonious client-agency relationship.

"It's no surprise that agencies that develop a unique brand culture like ours consistently win new business," says Joyce. Why? "Because clients can immediately recognize our agency's culture (or vibe) when they walk in our door. They can tell our office is dynamic - collaborative - and if the people here are passionate about creating work that inspires."

An Agency Culture Fostered by Ideas

Our agency's culture (i.e identity) matters, and it shouldn't be an afterthought. It has an effect on every aspect of our business, from our employees to our customers. To attract and retain creative people, fostering our agency's culture is something we work on every day.

"At The Idea People, we've found that nurturing a fun, energetic and collaborative culture means great ideas are more likely to happen," said Joyce. "We work hard but we believe in having a good time as well."

The web designers, developers, programmers and content writers that work at The Idea People truly enjoy their profession and the challenging, cutting-edge projects that our agency accepts.  "We do want our team members to excel in what they do everyday and we keep the performance bar high," adds Joyce.  Since 1994, our agency has strived to chart our own course on how creativity, technology and marketing affects our client's worlds.

As a leading Charlotte web design and development agency, The Idea People excel at creating original ideas that fuel growth and marketplace differentiation. To learn more about how our web development services can increase your company's overall web presence, call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com.

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