Best Digital Marketing Practices for Mobile

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Oct 20, 2016

It's becoming the norm that most traffic to company web assets are accessed through a mobile or tablet device. "We are seeing figures in excess of 48% of total digital traffic originate from a mobile device on our client websites," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "With digital access so readily available from wireless carriers or access points, mobile is emerging as the first point of access to social media, customer portals and websites." There is a an evolution of digital marketing sizing from desktop to mobile screen sizes.

Digital Marketing Practices Pushed Toward Mobile

As recent as three years ago, the majority of the emphasis for digital marketing was on pushing traffic toward desktop access for brand websites and digital assets. "The physical smartphone devices are delivering these uber-quality user experiences focused on smaller screens and tighter bandwidth access," adds Joyce. "This means that there has been a shift in our digital marketing practices to be more mobile-first in digital strategies and execution.

  1. Video libraries. Video is still a much preferred format for delivering complex product and service messages in aDigital marketing on mobile with The Idea People in Charlotte. format that touches all of a potential customer's user senses. "We plan, shoot and produce our video content to first match the screen size and attention span of a mobile-first user," says Joyce. "This also means paying greater attention in detail to items like video length and video compression to play quicker on tighter bandwidth access."
  2. Call me or Contact me. "On mobile the contact game is rule number one," says Joyce. "Users must be able to contact a client with one push or a quick access to a contact form. These forms can never be hidden in navigation or hard to find. Users will be on to the next brand quickly."
  3. Land me somewhere fun. The mobile-specific landing page is quickly becoming a 'win or lose' proposition with gaining user attention and sending them along to a conversion point. "We build mobile landing pages with a quality over quantity mentality," says Joyce. "Our clients want their customers to receive a primary marketing message with quick access to a call to action or quick jump into a conversion funnel. There is no time to play games or mislead mobile customers."
  4. Let me share this or else. "Creating shareable content through the mobile experience is quickly going to become a key separator between competitors," says Joyce. "Users want to easily share chunks of content, photos, videos or interesting pages with their friends on any or all of their social channels." Social sharing buttons are required or users will be jumping to another page where they can share.

"Users are still human in the manner in which they consume content from their desktop or laptop down to tablet and mobile sized screens," adds Joyce. "It's all about creating a desirable user experience with content and page design geared toward their screen size."

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