Now is the Best Time to Be in the Web & Development Business

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 21, 2018

When is the best time to be in any business? The best answer is always, "now!" But when is the best time to be in the web and development business? Well, the best answer is, "now!"

Beyond human assets, intellectual capital and money, a company's top asset is their website. So by that statement and thought, every company should be in the web and development business. If they are not, they should have the best web and development partner (not vendor) on their management team.

The New Power of Web & Development: Heavy Lifting

It's safe to say that Amazon, smartphones, mobile apps, software, Google and CRMs have ruined the common website. Nothing can get us to our data, account and purchase fast enough. And if your old, clunky website from 2016 can't deliver for me, I'm off to find somebody else that can.

Top 5 List of Heavy Lifting Web RequirementsGood to be in web development and the cloud with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.
  1. Give me internal server account access - your website should seamlessly allow front-door access into customer accounts inside your ERP (think Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Oracle, etc.). We can make that work.
  2. Your mobile site should have an app feel - give me an app-like creative feel with genius functionality so I can zip around and use the functionality, conduct my business and get goosebumps while doing it.
  3. "Give me warp speed, Scotty!" - the website and mobile site need to download and react quickly. I don't want to wait for your internal server to connect to GoDaddy to connect to HostGator. Everything should be on the cloud at AWS. Fast connections and download speeds win the game.
  4. Leverage the API or make us a custom one - just about every ERP or CRM has a suite of APIs that web developers use to integrate into heavy connectivity bridging your internal worlds to the external web world. Most of the time, we develop custom calls and routines that assist program APIs to get the job done.
  5. Replace my outdated manual and offline processes - this is the best part of heavy lifting web development. Building genius web software with your web partner empowers you to strengthen business relationships while virtually eliminating human errors, reducing wasteful resources and increasing bottom line return.

If you're really reading this post, you might feel victorious if you're already down this road, or you might feel lost if you haven't made it to first base yet. Either way, you need a trusted web partner for the journey.

Now is the Best Time to Have a Web Development Partner

IoT web development agency in Charlotte NC The Idea People.

There is no better time to be in the web and web development business than right now. Your business website is a major business asset that should be treated and leveraged as such. Gone are the days of "redesigning" or "improving" the website. Your website can work...your website can be a computer...your website can perform flawless functions and transactions countless times for countless customers at the click of a command. You're in the web business now.

And there is no better web and web development partner than The Idea People to bring all of these instrumental business services to your desktop. Please call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or to begin the process of building a new partnership with your company.

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