Boosting Local Search SEO with Local Optimization

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Apr 20, 2018

There is an often overlooked asset that most digital marketing agencies don't know about or don't know how to use when they embark on boosting local search SEO for their local clients. Local search optimization is a tactical exercise of old-school understanding of how search engines work blended with pure instinct of how technology will consume searches over the next two years. It doesn't sound simple does it? Well, it's not. But we know how to do it very well for a local business.

Boosting local search SEO always begins with understanding how Google works with indexing a local website's content. A really experienced digital marketing and web agency needs at least 7 years of actual experience with building optimized websites, writing relative content, submitting sitemaps, writing page title tags and meta descriptions and tying the entire process together. Only previous history through the thick battles of changing content tides prepares an SEO expert with how to work with content optimization of today. If there is zero experience, it won't work. This is not a simple process. High local organic rankings will mean EVERYTHING when voice search begins to affect your business.

Local Optimization Marketing Differences

Let's say that you have 10 real local competitors, if you're lucky. If you're like most local businesses, you have over 40 at any given time. But let's use 10 for this case.Local SEO and local optimization with The Idea People in Charlotte.

So already, you're competing for 10% of attention on the web if everything is equal. What?! Well, yes. You're audience just went from 5,000 potential customers down to 500 potential customers, all things being equal. And you better fight for those 500!

So your local optimization for your local website is all of a sudden very critical. You have a list of must-haves and must-needs for your website:

Whoa! Does your business have all of those items? Are they correctly built and optimized? Are they submitted to Google and Bing?

**Top Secret Local SEO Digital Marketing TIP!**

Local SEO company and content marketing optimization with The Idea People in Charlotte.

LocalBusiness schema markup is HTML syntax that instructs Google behind the scenes with special information about your business hours, local activities, payments accepted, local address, your logo, the founder and manager's names and other vital information that helps customers know more about your business. Plus it tells search engines more about how to index your local website with more authority and more precise details.

I think you see now that there is more depth to professional local SEO and website optimization than most local digital marketing agencies and self-proclaimed "experts" can provide. And voice search is hot on the heels of local optimization.

We can help you with building a professional strategy for optimizing your website and digital channels. It will involve content, persistence, education and commitment. Oh, and a monthly budget. Please call us at 704-398-4437 or email We look forward to talking with you about a strong and stable strategy to a successful optimization plan for your company and brand.

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