Business Transformation from Mind to Machine

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Apr 23, 2019

Why Migrate from Mind to Machine?

First off, what is the difference between mind and machine and why does it matter? It's a valid question and one that we are hearing more and more as we talk with companies about digital transformation. Quite simply, the word "mind" in this application is everything manual that an individual does to produce a service or product on behalf of your company. And "machine" in this application is the computer or a digital derivative.

Modern companies are integrating more machines into their service and product creation process to free up human resources to be used in other phases of production or roles inside the company.

This all makes sense when you really sit down and examine the costs that you are investing in people to produce your product or service vs. incorporating more of a digital or computer approach to do the same.

"But that scares the heck out of me because I don't know what this means in terms of cost and implementation!" says just about every company and business owner.

Business process automation with mind over machine integration from Charlotte transformation agency TIP Digital.

Don't Go All In...Experiment with Transformation Tools

Every business owner and CEO wants to improve the quality of their products and services offered to their customers. And bringing more customer value into the equation helps sales, customer retention and the bottom line.

So diving 100% into a full-scale digital transformation is not the approach that every single business needs. So let's examine a couple of transformation tools that could help your business integrate a more digital machine approach while freeing up your human resources.

  1. Introduce or Open Your CRM or ERP to Customers - your customers want information about their account at their convenience. "What did I order last time?" and "What is the balance on my account today?" are great questions that can easily be answered by sharing your customer relationship management tool or ERP securely with your customers. And you can visualize how much time this will save your inside customer support people to work on other valuable items. Leverage the power of digital transformation here to allow your customers to manage their accounts with you...just like Amazon.
  2. Introduce an AI Chatbot to Your Website - now you're creating customer value! You've used these artificial intelligence (AI) Chatbots before. They are on all types of websites: airlines, Amazon, software support, Quickbooks,, etc. The secret to AI Chatbots is that you are populating the "bot" with questions and answers while it "learns" how to respond to your customer inquiries. This is a great transformation tool to introduce to your customers. They'll appreciate the quick response from the Chatbot because they are looking for information quickly. And if they don't have to contact your support team via phone or email, it frees up your team to work on other projects or tasks...creating more value for your customers.
  3. Introduce an Automated Workflow - in order for your employees to produce more volume, you need to automate the flow of customer orders entering the production cycle. This can be as easy as receiving orders via email or e-commerce from your clients and having the emails populate your workflow (software systems) immediately into scheduling and production. Imagine how much time this will relieve from your employees' schedules. Also consider the benefit of removing all errors from human hands touching the process!

All of these transformation tools help move the processes from your employee's minds to a machine. When we work with a client on this type of transformation, we always keep in mind that balance is the key driver to improving production volume and empowering team members with new knowledge and opportunity.

And the biggest winner of this type of transformation? The customer.

We can help you with all of these special types of digital transformation, and transformation at the company core as well. Digital transformation should not be perceived as a threat to employees or to the company. Use these special business processes to introduce efficiency and to allow your team members to use their physical resources at other tasks. Plus your customers will love it.

Please contact Jay Joyce at or call 704-398-4437 to schedule a private meeting to discuss how digital transformation can impact the minds and machines at your company.

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