Business Transformation Trends to Prepare for 2020

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jan 14, 2019

If you've been reading about digital transformation and business process transformation, then you've seen the estimates that over 50% of a company's revenue will be derived from digital in some manner. That's almost a statistic too big to ignore. The company leaders and owners that we have met with and discussed business and digital transformation say that "getting started on step 1 is the hardest thing to do."

Business Transformation is for Any Size Business!

But what is business transformation? In its simplest form, business transformation (digital transformation) strengthens your company to better serve customers while discovering new revenue market spaces. We use digital technologies, business strategy, user experience and customer experience solutions, creativity and branding, and enterprise-level marketing strategies to transform your business and grow new revenues.

So we'd like to help organize the trends and discussion points to get your business ready to talk about business or digital transformation so you can move forward with more confidence. But it is time to get serious about transforming your business to provide a stronger customer experience through the use of digital technologies.

2019 Business Transformation Trends to Adopt Now

  1. Automate the processes - take a look at every aspect of your company and how your product or service interacts with your customers. Are you using pen and paper or Excel files? Those need to go. Face it now, everything in business is either in the cloud today or is moving to the cloud tomorrow. Automating manual processes is a strong start to business transformation. And our team can help you take inventory of these outdated processes and show you alternatives how to automate these, save resources and become more efficient to your customers.Transforming your business with digital technologies from The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.
  2. Upgrade the internal culture - involve your management team and workforce in the beginning of a business transformation. What do your team members think needs to change? Where are you lacking focus to the customer? We can assist you with inside workshops that involve all team members and then subsequently manage all of the responses to determine where you can transform. The goal here is to see where your company can provide a better customer experience. So usually the mindset (culture) internally has to evolve.
  3. Evaluate your core members - most companies believe that they employ the best "experts" in a business product or service offering. We will help you evaluate your internal limitations with your core group of team members. In all honesty, every business' core can use influence from the genius minds and people outside on the web. Business transformation is a process to help you automate manual resources, invent new opportunities or platforms and reach beyond your conference room door.
  4. Introduce new technologies - we will give you a detailed outline of the new technologies that you could be using to accomplish true business transformation. And this will include "opening up" your internal customer management systems to give customers instant access to their data and account. Plus we'll suggest new digital opportunities to leverage the cloud in growing supplemental or new marketplaces.
  5. Don't be in the way of transforming your business - the biggest trend that business owners and C-level people will read about is that they are in the way of a business transformation. We'll help you with implementation costs, technical transformations, upskilling (educating) your workforce, identifying new sales channels and the total business transformation. You collaborate along with us while the transformation is taking place. But if you're in the way, it won't work.

We really like the statistic that over 50% of a company's revenue will be derived from some type of digital initiative in 2020. That's a big statement to put your head around.

Please contact Jay Joyce at or call 704-398-4437 to schedule a private business meeting to discuss your needs for getting started on a business transformation. We can take you through this step by step to better position your business in front of your customers.

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