COVID-19 (coronavirus) has damaged companies in their most vulnerable areas:  outdated business processes and fragile customer experiences.

As the coronavirus story continues to unfold, business leaders are evaluating their company’s internal business processes and customer experiences to identify where the breaking points occurred.

Was it a failure to adopt any business transformation processes? Are there no “self service” digital options for customers? Or is everything still dependent upon paper trails and phone calls?

Only when the breaking points are identified can IT and company leaders determine how to leverage technology and custom software solutions to optimize the infrastructure and future-proof the business to lead their company forward.

We help businesses across Greater Charlotte build these strategies with custom software solutions to automate outdated business processes and align customer experiences with current market expectations.

This is what we do. And we’ve done this successfully for 26 years.

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Lifesaving Software in NYC

Right now, our web software is powering Samaritan’s Purse to onboard volunteer doctors and medical workers in NYC to respond to the White House’ plea for Coronavirus help. This is sophisticated software work that we are very proud to be supporting.

Custom Software Development

Transforming Outdated Customer Experiences

National road equipment manufacturer LeeBoy was struggling to deliver a consistent digital experience that supported their customer’s needs. Their ERP, Epicor, held all the client data, but clients couldn’t access it. We developed the strategy and the solution.

Read Their Transformation Case Study

Future-Proofing The Business

Transforming outdated manual business processes and replacing them with smart technology strategy and software saves businesses. Reducing human errors and giving customers access to data and transactions increases loyalty. Read more about our services.

Transforming Your Business Processes


Nobody could predict the effects of this disruption on business. But we all can predict the effects of the next one.

We help your company strengthen outdated manual business processes and unexpected customer experiences.

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