COVID-19 Recovery is The Ideal Time for Business Transformation

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - May 12, 2020

As business owners and leaders work their way from COVID-19 response to recovery, deep considerations are being made with clearer vision as to a possible "perfect time" to transform their businesses. Business transformation is a strategy choice used by business owners and leaders to change the course of a company to improve sales, to fight competitors or to better serve a customer base.

Most business leaders have built a shield of resiliency to bounce back from unpleasant events during their terms of leadership, just maybe not as harsh as the crisis we're in now. But most business owners and leaders keep their vision focused on the direction and health of the company, the customers, the employees and the opportunities for success.

So when times turn extremely difficult, a window of opportunity opens for recovery and reevaluation of vision and direction for business owners and leaders. And quite possibly COVID-19 could be the window and "perfect time" for many companies to undergo a business transformation.

Why Undergo A Business Transformation During COVID-19?

Why would a company want or need to adopt a business transformation process during a pandemic like coronavirus? According to Forbes in 2020, 86% of companies that begin a business transformation fall into one or all of these categories:

Any one of these reasons is cause enough to reinvent a company. The most difficult part of starting a business transformation may be the very first step, which is admitting that there is a problem that you need to fix.

"I Have a Problem with My Business. Will Business Transformation Help?"

We define business transformation as building new business strategies that will integrate new digital technologies into outdated or misaligned areas of your business to improve how it operates and to improve the value you give to your customers. The new strategies will bring fresh ideas and renewed energies to your team and customers as you reinvent the flow of products, services and information (data).

With transformation in effect, you'll notice more collaboration and teamwork. Adoption of new ways of working (like remote work) and solutions to manual tasks (workflow automation) that have stifled individual progress or interfered with company growth will take root. A definite change in your internal culture will take place and your customers will benefit from it.Digital transformation agency The Idea People in Charlotte are certified in business transformation from MIT.

Our company senior partners are educated and certified through MIT in digital transformation for business. They are directly involved in every client transformation project to ensure the strategy, technology application, software implementation and culture adoption are on-point and that our client service experience remains exceptional.

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Transform Your Business

COVID-19 quite literally advanced and exposed existing problems in businesses overnight. There was very little time to plan, as all businesses went into response mode. And from every response should come a recovery. That is where we all are today. So why should you transform your business?

An experienced transformation partner like The Idea People can facilitate these strategies and digital technologies to affect a recovery in your business. To inquire about the transformation process for your business, please contact our company president, Jay Joyce, at 704-398-4437 or email

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