Customer Experience is the New Web Design

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 30, 2019

Our web design clients are motivated by building websites that are focused on UX design geared toward a wonderful customer experience. They want a really well-designed website that their customers will like, but they also want the website to fulfill their customer's needs for research, validation, support and value before they "add to cart."

We build everything so it is 100% custom to a client's business and how their customers will use the website. It's a beautiful balance of user experience design, user interface design and customer experience focus. With customer journeys and customer engagement driving the online sales and service world, beautiful web design flourishes from an exceptional customer experience journey.

Customer Experience Web Design

  1. Elevating ordinary customer experience to extraordinary - How do we want customers to feel about their customer journey on a client's website? The ordinary way is to have products, photos, contact forms and maybe an e-commerce cart. The extraordinary way is web design that is built for the customer's journey...thoughtfulness in content design, sharing and saving functionality, content suggestions based on user clicks, plus offline customer support and service through chat, instant click-to-call and video chat. Web design company The Idea People in Charlotte NC offer 100% custom design.
  2. Web design that matches the customer's buying experience, not the company's needs - Strong customer experiences with a company's website include research content about the products and services being offered, existing customer testimonials, video explanations, comparative products, special online offers and branding that creates a sense of comfort and trust on the user's visit. Almost half of all customer's research their purchase online before making the purchase.
  3. Demonstrating how your company feels toward the customer - Yes, online feelings are important. Sharing empathy and understanding about the customer's needs and feelings will ring through good CX design. How? By making the customer feel important and valued through gestures that bring joy to the customer. For example, answering customer inquiries quickly through online chat or through their social channels. Remember, it's a brand experience behind the customer experience.
  4. Your existing company carries baggage - If you're not a startup, you carry baggage into creating a new web design experience. Can you shed the baggage? Yes, you can! If you have provided poor  service, or inferior products, or unsatisfying technical experiences online for your customers, then you have baggage. As you're working with our TIP team to design a new website, we'll be addressing that baggage and introducing new customer experiences to negate those previous claims. You're moving your focus from temporary conveniences on the company side to incredible user experiences on the customer side.

"We design new website user experiences and customer experiences that aren't separate from the company; it's what the company is about. It has to be the focus of what your company does."

For more information about designing a website with a dominant customer user experience, please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or We can help your company build an exciting culture that is focused on exceptional customer experiences from the website through to your internal teams. When it becomes second nature for your company, your customer will want to tell their networks about how wonderful you truly are.

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