Digital Impact Through Transformational Leadership

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Feb 05, 2020

Ok, well those are heavy words. Digital impact through transformational leadership. We believe that every company leader struggles with how to integrate strategy, process, technology and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve profit and shareholder value. And how to do all of this with digital tools?

It involves change. Change in people, processes and products. And all of it begins with the top leader in the company to introduce the change through new vision and to inspire the people to see it through to the end. So, these are heavy words. But where does the digital impact come through transformational leadership?

Digital Impact + Transformational Leadership

Let's begin first with a definition of transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is a modern leadership style where a leader works with their teams to identify needed change within an organization, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and then executing the change along with the members of the organization.

Transformational leadership will inspire members of an organization to achieve remarkable or unexpected results. New ideas will bubble to the top as barriers are removed and individuals are allowed to participate and collaborate. Ideas are encouraged.

At the core of transformational leadership is the empowerment of teams to find better ways to perform jobs. They are granted the authority, once trained, to implement new systems to increase productivity and to increase performance while decreasing costs and waste.

Transformational leaders are not really "rah rah" people. They don't run around yelling praises and firing people up. They lead by example. They work to change outdated systems and processes through a "selling" style (transformational) rather than a "telling" style (transactional). Their focus is on the essential needs of others while they improve the processes and products of the company through this inspiring and collaborative approach.Digital business transformation strategy with TIP in Charlotte, NC.

Digital Technology Impact

Obviously changes in modern process and productivity cannot be achieved without the impact of digital technology. All business transformation involves a digital transformation component. The organization usually retains the digital transformation services from a digital company like TIP to help them map a full digital strategy that includes migrating some products to a digital platform, transitioning company assets from team member minds to machine production and opening the flow of data to customers. All of this creates new and favorable experiences for team members and customers that generate more sales, deeper relationships and more desirable outcomes.

A really effective program that we institute is to help companies digitally mature their competitive balance internally and externally. We build a strategy so all internal employees download their knowledge into a central knowledge bank (server) so processes can be documented and refined. We build a digital marketing strategy so external audiences witness a cohesive and consistent message about your strong and defined products and services.

Business transformation, digital transformation and transformational leadership are strong tools that every business leader should be implementing in every organization, for profit and not for profit. All processes can benefit from improvement and digital impact. All people on your team can benefit from collaboration and inclusion in company growth. And all of your company's products can benefit from new ideas from digital innovation and delivery.

We can help you from digital and business transformation strategy to new process software improvements to innovations in new product design and development. Contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email to begin your transformation journey.

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