Digital Marketing Grows Up

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Apr 10, 2016

So let's agree that all marketing is "digital" in nature. After all, everything is created with digital tools, delivered in/via a digital channel and posted in a digital environment. So, we get that "digital" is digital. It's time for digital marketing to grow up. Let's just call it marketing, for short.

Why Digital Marketing is Growing Up

  1. It has to be marketing first and foremost. "Digital marketing has to be marketing before it is delivered into any digital channel or medium," said Jay Joyce, president of The Idea People. "A good strategy, a great message, an integrated campaign, some attached metric and the overarching mission are critical to execute any good marketing move, digital or traditional."
  2. Knowing the darn audience. "You can't be in digital channels or spaces just because somebody told you to be," added Joyce. "The digital spaces require planning, strategy and analysis prior to launching into them, just like any other marketing strategy to deliver messages to an audience. All engineering decision makers aren't on Facebook."Digital marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte, NC
  3. Marketing makes it personal. "We see that personalization of marketing messages will continue to tighten the approaches that marketers and brands are using inside digital channels," said Joyce. "Our CIRCULO™ inbound marketing program has the goal to deliver the most personal message at the most critical time inside the most appropriate channel." Personalized messaging through digital channels will cause higher brand retention and much higher desired response.
  4. Really great marketing requires maturity and longevity. "Just because a 'digital' agency can post something immediately for you doesn't mean that it will have impact, make sense or produce any results," said Joyce. "We have 22 years of actual marketing experience and successes that backs each marketing campaign we produce and execute. So many young or new 'digital' agencies have little to no marketing experience and are pushing brands and companies into channels that are not productive or are improper."
  5. Knowing where the digital market is growing. "So many of our 'digital' marketing competitors have little to no idea of where the digital channels are growing," added Joyce. "Past personalization and rogue tweets, our experience in foreshadowing where digital channels are growing shows us that data science and custom algorithms will work together to deliver precise and custom messaging to prospects lined up in the purchasing mode."

Digital marketing algorithms for personalized marketing with The Idea People in Charlotte.The Idea People are developing algorithmic associations between customer behaviors, predictive analytics and projected digital channel growth to deliver a more scientific approach to marketing in the digital space.

"All marketing begins with a thorough understanding of marketing and what great marketing can do for companies and brands," said Joyce. "You just can't schedule tweets and posts out on digital media and expect it to work. Those days are gone and are being replaced by data science, mathematics and experience at a higher level like the work we are doing at The Idea People."

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