Digital Marketing Update on Google Data Studio

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Sep 21, 2016

"Google Data Studio is one of the most exciting digital marketing tools to emerge to date this year," says Jay Joyce with The Idea People. "It's still in Beta, but it allows us to build branded reports with data visualizations to share with our developers and clients. This is a large step forward in blending sophisticated data reporting with creative visual displays."

Digital Marketing with Data

The mere mention of the word "analytics" can make some digital marketing clients frustrated to try to decipher the hundreds of statistics that can be gleaned from Google Analytics. But the new data visualization tools from Google Data Studio can be a leap forward in helping non-technical minds absorb complicated data reports and numbers.

Digital marketing Charlotte agency The Idea People using Google Data Studio reporting.

"We have always broken down the analytics and data into our own visual graphics and simplistic terms that help our clients understand what is happening with their web traffic and digital ad spend," says Joyce. "So many clients just don't know where to start with understanding the intricacies that can be gleaned from the data that Google Analytics generates."

Google Data Studio is part of the Google Analytics 360 suite, which is the pricey, high-end Google Analytics Enterprise level. However, Google has decided to let the masses use Google Data Studio in its Beta version to show us all what is possible in visualizing large amounts of data. The enterprise suite cost begins at $150,000 per year.

Google Data Studio Reporting

"The Google Data Studio reports are easy to read and easy to generate," adds Joyce. "We can easily select which data to report against, a graphical expression of the data, change fonts and colors and even upload a client logo. Digital marketing teams are really positive toward this new product."

Users can even pull in Facebook data, as long as you use the data inside a Google sheet. The key here is getting your data inside Google sheets.

"We like the automatic updates of data into created reports," says Joyce. "It's all in real time as the data changes on the site or as the dates expand and collect more data. Everything updates automatically."

View some of the sample graphic reports on this page and you can see the dramatic impact of how Google Data Studio presents the data and subsequent visualization.

Google Data Studio with digital marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte.Digital marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte use Google Data Studio for analytics reporting.

"If you are a marketer or C-level decision maker and you despise analytics presented in Excel spreadsheet form, you'll really appreciate the graphical impact of Google Data Studio," says Joyce. "Finally an executive can look at complicated data presentations and really understand what is going on."

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