Don’t Be ‘Foiled’ by Reynolds Kitchens’ Digital Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/Chief Digital Officer - Sep 14, 2018

An elegant pair of earrings on a model, a beautiful latte with the foam made into a heart or a gorgeous place setting on a table… these are the “Instagram-worthy” shots that many businesses use to fill our feeds. But what if you have a business where the product isn’t exactly “Instagrammable?” How do you get a big win with your digital marketing?

This is where the genius of marketing comes in and you have to start thinking outside of the cardboard tube! That is exactly what Reynolds Kitchens did on its Instagram because let’s be honest, how many pictures can you have of aluminum foil?

In June 2015, Reynolds Kitchens revamped its brand on Instagram and designed an interactive cookbook campaign that made my jaw drop and had me asking, “How the heck did they do that?!”

On the company’s Instagram, each individual picture is a beautiful food dish that was made with the help of Reynolds aluminum foil. But when you see the entire feed, it appears to be an endless table of delicious looking dishes.

The #EndlessTable continued for more than a year and won a Shorty Award (aka social media genius award) for a multi-platform campaign. The award honors the most effective and creative social good campaign spanning multiple digital and social platforms, according to the Shorty Award website.

So how effective was the campaign? Well according to the Shorty Awards, it helped increase the Reynolds Kitchens Instagram following by more than 1300%... 😮!

So why are we at TIP so excited about their digital marketing campaign? I mean, we like aluminum foil just as much as the next group of people. So, I took a deeper dive into why this campaign was so effective and what caused so many people to flock to it.

#EndlessTable, Endless Possibilities

This campaign shows a deep understanding of the Instagram platform and what people use it for, which is eye-catching pictures.

"The #EndlessTable highlights bright, colorful pictures of delectable-looking food. The photos capture the 3-second attention span that people have while scrolling through their Instagram feed." - Kristin Nelson, The Idea People

Reynolds Kitchen uses eye-catching photography to capture the attention of foodies on Instagram which is a digital marketing move that The Idea People in Charlotte loves and admires.

The #EndlessTable also targets key audiences on Instagram: Foodies and the cooking community… because we know when we have meals at restaurants, no dish goes undocumented.

To put into perspective how big the foodie influence is, at the time of this post, there are 100 million posts that use the #foodie hashtag on Instagram, and that number will just continue to climb each and every day. Some of those hashtags may even come from us here at TIP!

Reynolds-Inspired Recipe Videos

Among all of the pictures on the #EndlessTable, there are also videos that showcase certain recipes.

When I clicked on one video, it shows how the recipe is made while also incorporating how Reynolds Wrap helped make the dish. For example, a stuffed eggplant recipe calls for the viewer to wrap the eggplants in Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil and roast them in the oven. So when you’re shopping for the recipe, you’ll pick up some Reynolds Wrap in order to make your dish.

"We think this is such a great digital marketing strategy because the product placement is very subtle and doesn’t make Instagrammers feel like they’re watching an ad. But in the end, the ultimate goal is to sell products and make money, so we don’t think there is any shame in Reynolds’ product placement game. In fact, we admire it." - Kristin Nelson, The Idea People

The video post also takes it a step further and includes step-by-step instructions in the caption, which creates value and audience engagement and becomes a source of information for Instagrammers.

Not Just Tin Foil, It’s a Lifestyle

The #EndlessTable campaign positioned Reynolds Kitchens not just as a kitchen products company, but as a lifestyle brand.

It’s not just about aluminum foil or parchment paper. It’s about creating delicious food with those products that you can share with loved ones.

Even when you venture off Instagram and onto Reynolds Kitchens website, you will find tips and techniques for grilling, cooking and desserts. There are also recipes from the #EndlessTable on their site. It’s not all about the product, even though we as marketers know it really is.

I have a feeling that this incredible campaign was not an easy task, but it is genius. It turned a normal household product into something that all generations, especially the younger generation, can relate to and make it a must-have in their home. It goes to show that just about anything can be Instagram-worthy!

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