The Art of Gamification

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Mar 16, 2017

Gamification has been around since 1984 after being introduced in The Game of Work by Charles Coonrandt. A tactic once used to motivate employees, gamification is now seeing a large impact in the online digital marketing industry as a method to attract and engage consumers through interactive web design. By applying game-design tactics to web-based mediums, The Idea People are developing more interesting advertising platforms with higher conversion rates than ever before.

When engaged in a game, players are provided instant feedback; a psychological craving for all humans. Methods such as points, badges, trophies, or rankings let an individual know exactly how well they are performing at that moment in time. Providing similar feedback on the web can recreate the high levels of engagement observed in contestants during a competition. If executed correctly, gamification can lead to an increase in desired business objectives, increasing your bottom line. Score!

3...2...1 GO! Gamification in a Digital World

The Idea People uses gamification guidelines to help drive reengagement and increase our overall user experience.lThe most fruitful marketing tactics are often times the most difficult to influence. This is a convenient catch for those of us who work within digital marketing. “Increasing engagement from a brand’s customers is incredibly beneficial for marketers,” said Jay Joyce with The Idea People. “Conversions are often times driven by word of mouth, so by driving engagement from previous customers, a brand can significantly increase their return from marketing efforts.” If implemented correctly, the voices of others can provide a stronger, more effective call-to-action than traditional marketing efforts. However, how do you drive consumer interaction?

This is where gamification steps in. By sprinkling in fun with a splash of competition, a marketing campaign can explode from a simmering fizzle into a full-on blaze. Like that trash-talking 6th grader on Call of Duty, gamification can create the spark necessary to motivate customers towards fully engaging with the objective at hand.

The Idea People created a marketing and branding game for Dealmed Medical Supplies based in Brooklyn, NY. The game is based on the popular board game Operation. “The goal of this particular digital campaign was to introduce the Dealmed brand to hospitals and medical clinics using other medical suppliers,” said Joyce. “Visitors to the operation website could use their mouse [surgical tool] to remove competitor’s names from the body. It was a great example of branding, digital marketing and gamification.”

Gamification Guidelines from TIP

Whatever the specific strategy, a few keys ingredients are necessary to fuel the fire:

Whether your gamification rewards include access to new content, increased social status, freebies, or mere entertainment, gamification strategies offer an entirely new way for brands to interact with their customers. Content is king in today’s digital marketing landscape, and gamification provides marketers one more useful tool to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

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