Google AdWords…Did You Know?

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Aug 10, 2017

Relax. Google Has Your Back.

Google has many technology products out there, and for marketers it can seem like the constant updates and new algorithms are a constant battle. Well, it is. In order to succeed with modern digital marketing, you have to be prepared to constantly reinvent and remarketing your content for your audience, and that’s where Google AdWords can help.

The Digital Marketing Heavy Lifting on Google

PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working conceptLet’s face it, Google and their awesome digital marketing products will not be going away anytime soon. So if you’re not an advanced AdWords master, here are some basic tasks that you should be doing in every AdWords campaign.

  1. Establish the Goal - How do you want to use Google AdWords? Are you trying to rebuild your brand? Is it for an ecommerce site to boost sales? How you structure your account and the features you choose to use will play a role in your response. Let Google guide you through their unique and interactive decision tree process.
  2. Determine your Target Audience - What do you imagine your ideal customer does? Where and when do they do it and how would they come across your campaign? What device are they using to see your content? You guessed it, Googs has the answers for you.
  3. Conduct Keyword Research - You are paying per click, so you should probably do your research on which keywords are the best and most effective when searching for your business. By bidding on keywords that are relevant to your field, you can place your ads in what you predict the best search results will be. Google will want you to include two to three times the amount of keywords that you think you need. But just beware and use your common sense. Of course they want you to spend more money!

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  4. Set Budget and Bids - Once you’ve decided which keywords to bid on, it’s time to do a little math. If the average CPC looks too high, go granular; volume will decrease, but so will cost. Here’s a little hint about quality score: Google uses Quality Score to grade your keywords and ads in terms of how relevant they are to consumers. Small ad groups and highly clickable ads raise your Quality Score. As your QS rises, how much you pay per click will lower, which raises your ad rank.
  5. Structure Account - Relevance is the most important word to keep in mind when working with Google AdWords. Your account is made up of multiple campaigns, and each one has distinct goals. Within each campaign you have to create great ad groups, each featuring a handful of keywords and extremely relevant ads.
  6. Write Killer Copy for Ads - Maximize CTR by making sure every text ad has a compelling headline, a call to action and includes the keywords you’re bidding on. Extensions will make your ad bigger and more informative.
  7. Design a Great Landing Page - This is the point where people who have clicked on your ads have to make the decision to convert to your brand or continue looking, first impressions count!
  8. Tap into Conversion Tracking - Place the requisite code on your website and then use either Google AdWords or Analytics to create conversion goals.Hand drawing Web Traffic graph concept with marker on transparent wipe board.
  9. Grow Remarketing Lists - You want to build your remarketing lists as early as possible. This will allow you to keep your product or service in front of prospects, even if they don’t convert on their first site visit.
  10. Routine Optimization - You’ll want to test everything, and continue to retest. You’ll want to adjust bids based on keyword performance over time, so be patient. Add negative keywords to eliminate unqualified search queries.
  11. Profit - After all your hard work, you’ll start to see your PPC strategy develop. But this isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. As we said at the beginning, you always want to be remarketing your content.

Interested in getting your company or brand involved in Google AdWords? Our in-house PPC professionals can handle any retargeting programs or ad campaigns that you may need, in addition to content marketing, social advertising and content optimization. Drop us an email at, or call use at 704-398-4437.

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