Google’s Suite of Tools Turns Local Businesses into Lemmings

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Oct 19, 2018

Google has introduced an array of digital services for local businesses and digital marketers that range from easy-to-use tools for smaller businesses to robust advanced solutions for larger enterprises and agencies. Read on as we help you make sense of the suite of local services that Google offers and shed light on how they work together. Because in order for any business to succeed, you must follow Google like a cute family of lemmings.

Google is Hands Down the Most Sophisticated Search Engine Tool Available

There are billions and billions of searches made every day on Google. If local businesses want to stay competitive, it’s essential to take advantage of every Google tool offers.

When your local customers are searching for the product or service you sell, they will first be exposed to all of your competitor's paid ads before they scroll to the organic listings where you will be discovered. And that’s if you’re even listed on page one.

Note: The average web user won’t scroll past the first five organic listings on a search engine results page.

You probably have noticed on just about every search result, Google paid content comprises the majority of the page one results and organic is just a small amount. And through a well-thought-out strategy of paid content and organic results, you could (mostly) dominate an entire first-page set of results. Scary, huh? But if you know your Google suite of tools, it's possible.

Google Marketing Platform is a great tool for local marketing strategies.

To make our lives a little easier, Google tools are merging together into the Google Marketing Platform. Through a nice user interface and a collection of tutorials, Google really has invested an enormous amount of resources into this new platform.

And that’s because Google search is becoming less about organic web results and more about using their products. It's rather selfish of them, isn't it? And the list of tools they want you to use is big. Think Google AdWords, knowledge panel, reviews, local pack, news carousel, images carousel, research carousel and e-commerce. Google even offers certifications for those who master their products. Is that pure genius or what?

If you have a Google account, you have access to Google Marketing Platform. You simply log in and customize it to your liking. Google makes it easy to access your products and monitor your results -- which makes it perfect for testing marketing strategies.

There are a whole suite of free tools specifically designed for small businesses and a suite of paid tools designed specifically for enterprises. We think both suites are great and the free tools are perfect for those who are new to Google tools and will even suffice for most businesses.

Voice-Activated Local Search Should Be On Your Radar Google voice-activated search is going to be the next big innovation and leader in how people search for services.

Millions of Americans have access to some form of voice-activated search. This includes watches, phones and, yes, Google Homes. For exactly this reason, it’s important for you to start phrasing your search terms in the form of a question, and to make them conversational. Over time this is going to become the status quo. Begin implementing this now so you can get ahead of the competition. Especially in local marketing.

We see advertising making its way to Google Home (surprised?). When Google is proudly sharing her organic search results with you, she’ll have other suggestions and those will be the paid search results.

Google's voice-activated searches are getting better and better with every software update. You may remember back in May when  Google actually called a salon and scheduled a haircut. The technology is still very new and has a lot left to be figured out before released to us lemmings. But when it does, everything will change.

And voice-activated search can be used in countries where typing the language doesn't come easy. Voice-activated search can even benefit those with low literacy rates. Aren’t those interesting concepts you haven’t thought of?

According to Ben Gomes, Google's Head of Search, “Many languages in developing nations have never really had common keyboards – I studied Hindi for 10 years, but I wouldn’t know how to type it – so voice is much easier to use than typing."

Google technology runs the digital world and will continue to do so. With technology moving at an accelerated rate, it's important to fully understand how you can use Google to benefit your local business.

Getting the best results from Google can still seem intimidating. But that’s why there are people and companies like us who understand it and can help your company reach your sales goals. Contact us here at The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email Jay Joyce at to start the conversation on how we can help you with your digital marketing and understanding on how Google can impact your business and customers.

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