Growing Digital Marketing from Efficiency to Effectiveness

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 14, 2018

Every company and marketing professional strives to be efficient with digital marketing. You work on your creative chops, social media and writing skills, customer insight and proposal writing techniques. Those tasks keep you busy enough to be efficient with the deadlines and workflow that your company needs you to do on a daily and weekly basis. Have you ever asked yourself if you are effective with what you do? Has anybody in charge ever wondered if your digital marketing really works, past a "like or a share?" How do you grow your digital marketing effort from efficiency to effectiveness? Or are you stuck in a world of efficiency? Sounds bizarre, right!

The Glowing Accolades of Marketing Efficiency

Efficient marketing and digital marketing in Charlotte with The Idea People.Being efficient with digital marketing is not a bad thing, so let's clear that up. There are probably many companies that would just accept efficiency as the bare minimum performance because that is all they have identified as standard success. So being efficient is good. Let's see how marketing efficiency is measured as a success by some companies.

Growing Marketing Efficiency into Effectiveness

So while marketing efficiency may be about doing things right, marketing effectiveness is about doing the right things.

We use the term effectiveness in marketing here at TIP in, "were we successful in achieving the desired results?"

Efficiency is applied to marketing work being done in a correct manner. Effectiveness is applied to doing accurate marketing work.

Efficiency is applied to "inputs and outputs" of marketing work. Effectiveness is applied to "means and ends" of marketing work.

Efficiency is applied to "short run" hits. Effectiveness is always applied to the "long run" wins.

Efficiency is applied to an "introverted" approach. Effectiveness is applied to the "extroverted" approach.

Efficiency is applied to "strategy implementation. Effectiveness is applied to "strategy formulation."

Efficiency is geared to "operations." Effectiveness is geared to "strategies."Digital marketing and technology marketing with The Idea People agency in Charlotte NC.

So growing marketing efficiency to marketing effectiveness requires vision, outward strategy, business knowledge and leadership with your client or company. You have to step up and move out of your comfort zone. Keep the quality of your efficiency and add the goals for desired results for the marketing strategy you layer on top. Then measure it. It's a moving target but you'll soon visualize the effectiveness against your efficiency.

Just like every company and digital marketing agency, we use efficiency at TIP to manage our internal resources to meet our expected workload. The largest difference we bring to our marketing clients is the seamless blending of marketing effectiveness. It's the results that we focus on for each client and campaign. As efficient as we can be with our skillsets, our real goal is to be effective with results that really help our clients grow their business.

We can help your company's digital marketing program improve efficiency while strengthening effectiveness with a focus on desired outcomes and results. Call Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or email for more information.

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