The Growing Problem in Web Design

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 15, 2016
Written by Jay Joyce, president, The Idea People

If there was ever an editorial position to take on the web design business, this would be one. It's the business of web design itself and how many "web designers" and web design agencies are damaging clients, harming the industry's reputation as a whole and making it difficult for clients to trust those of us who operate legitimate web companies.

Damaging Web Design Clients

I don't think that any web designer or web design agency sets out to damage a client website. Great intentions are always the foundation of any new client relationship. But it quickly steers into a damaging zone when uneducated or inexperienced designers "guide" the client into a glaringly wrong or inappropriate solution.

Web design company The Idea People with web design experience since 1993.

For example, we just inherited a web project from a failed web design agency that guarded all access to edit content and review analytics from the client. It's wrong. That creates a roadblock and unproductive relationship that spills over to the next web design agency. It's like some agencies want to step over dollars to pick up a nickel from the client.

The end result is always a bad agency-client relationship and ruined business opportunities for the client. Then the next web agency inherits ill will, microscopic client observance and an initial level of mistrust from previous experiences.

It's easy to damage a client website but very hard to develop an Internet presence that can bolster the client's business and produce higher levels of results. The latter takes resources, years of experience, investment and attention to moving targets and minute details.

Harming the Web Design Industry

Believe me, these bad web designers and web agencies are not doing our industry any favors. They drop the ball, hurt their client's business and spread their disease to the professional web companies.

If your web agency is not providing a superior suite of service, do us all a favor and close the door.

Today's modern website is the benchmark for a company's brand and business offering. It's not a place for recycled templates, hacked technical functionality and bumbled optimization.

And it's not the client's fault for selecting you. They are looking for help and somehow ended up on your doorstep, probably because of low prices. In the end, it costs the client valuable time, resources and more money.

Bringing Back Client Trust in Web Design Agencies

Web design and mobile web design with The Idea People in Charlotte, NC.Ok, so I ranted enough about bad web design agencies. They're the same as bad plumbers, bad restaurants and bad lawyers. Overpriced for the minimal value received and damaging in more ways than the wallet.

Our goal since 1993 is to build trust, to improve our client's business position and to lead our clients to new levels of technology and creative performance. Period.

Our company exists to move client brands forward, to integrate best web and technology practices, and to build stronger return on investment from web and digital dollars.

The Idea People is one of the oldest and longest-performing web design companies of our kind in the southeast. 22 years is a long time for a web and digital agency to thrive.

Our secret to success? Striving everyday to earn trust and to deliver results for every client.

There it is...out for everybody to see, including the bad web designers and web agencies. Feel free to borrow these powerful words for your own business mission. It will do you more good, it will keep our web industry positive, and it will help grow a client's business. It really does work. I can say that because it has worked well for us for 22 years.

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