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by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 07, 2015

It's an interesting position to own a 21-year-old web design agency. We've seen, heard, experienced and "done" everything. Twice. And being in the creative and technology business affords us opportunities to experiment, adapt and change with trend after trend.

So we ask ourselves often, "where are we going next? What is the next world we can conquer? How do we grow the next generation web agency?" Without a doubt, this is where all of our experience kicks in. 21 years of experience that creates a whirlwind of forward momentum. That's what we like.

Growing the Next Generation Web Agency: What's Next?

1. Classic Marketing is Always in Vogue

"Drafting a well-written letter, enclosing a current agency brochure and business card still makes viable impressions," said Jay Joyce, president, The Idea People. "Nobody sends letters anymore and that is the best reason why we still do it today." Writing a business letter gives a prospect a physical experience with our brand.

2. Set a Marketing Strategy & Follow It

We preach this to our clients so we do it internally as well. Our content team develops a multi-week content schedule of topics that are important to our target clients. We use the content schedule as a guide for our marketing plan so all of our content and advertisements align each week. If Google notices it and likes it, our clients will, too.

3. Embrace New

We met a new and awesome "sustainable" advertising company called CruiseCarts. Their founder, Dustin Wilson, has created a viable and needed service of carrying people around the city in his special CruiseCarts. Oh, and he carries them for free! He generates revenue by selling advertising on his carts. "We thought this was a fresh and exciting way to place our brand name in front of influencers and decision makers across the city," says Joyce. "It will work well with the mix of everything else we will do."

4. Don't Abandon Old Technology

Enter WBT-AM 1100 radio. It's one of the oldest radio stations in the country and has been a crown jewel in Charlotte for generations. "We know that our target market listens to news-talk radio. They always have," said Joyce. "We are sponsoring news updates and the Rush Limbaugh update every weekday. It will work well with the mix of everything else we will do."

5. Take On an Earth Changing Challenge - IoT

Bring on The Internet of Things (IoT). Sensors and devices talking to each other create a mega mountain of data. As a web and mobile app developer, this was a natural growth opportunity for The Idea People. "Let's do something that breaks rules and breaks new ground," said Bill McCown, agency director. "Let's go into new territory and lead the campaign for The Internet of Things here in the Carolinas." Needless to say, this will work well with the mix of everything else we are doing.

6. Spend Money in Social Advertising

Bingo. We offer this service to existing clients and it works well with the mix of everything else we do for their company. "Yes, social advertising is expensive, and, yes, it does work," said Joyce. "I think we have the best social advertising person in Charlotte and he can work miracles for our clients. We are looking forward to having this sync up with everything else we are doing."


Growing the next generation web agency will be challenging, exciting and rewarding. "We love generating new ideas as a team," adds McCown. "The thrill of generating new ideas, building a strategy, executing the plan and then monitoring the analytics adds the fuel to our momentum."

Every brand and company should find new ideas, energy and passion to push forward in their marketplace. We help brands move forward. Leaps and bounds are desired, but we can live with slow and steady. To build marketing momentum at your company, contact Jay Joyce with The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or

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