How To Find Transformation Within Yourself

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 19, 2020

We need to transform. We should not be performing in the same manner as we were pre-COVID. As we all scour the noisy content world for nuggets of wisdom on how our companies can transform and reshape to meet the demands of "whatever our new economy will be," we neglect our own personal and professional transformations that require attention to handle the stress of radical adoption to change and acceptance to disruption.

Where is help for our personal transformations as the leaders and professionals who are implementing and managing the transformations in the workplace? How do we position ourselves into the right frame of mind to absorb these disruptions and transformations? It's all happening so quickly and there's little time to spend on ourselves as we struggle to rediscover our roles in this changing world.

How To Find Transformation Within Yourself

Just as the businesses we all lead and work in, we were never meant to stop growing as humans. Our internal drive to learn more, to be more, to live more, to share more  keeps us moving forward. COVID-19, economic disruption, civil discourse, extreme levels of unemployment and political unrest have placed large amounts of stress in people's lives...while we are transforming our businesses and figuring out how to grow again. The only other choice is to sit down and let life pass us by and maybe catch up later.

So what can we do for ourselves? How can we find transformation within ourselves?The Idea People in Charlotte help business professionals with transformation and digital transformation consulting.

  1. Completely stop and look at yourself - take 1 hour for yourself, sit quietly and think about where you are in your life. Are you doing things that make you happy? Are you using the skills that make you feel fulfilled? Make a list of your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses. Where do you fall within the list? Do you feel like you're way off course from where you should be? Or do you feel like you're right on target? Don't think about anybody else...only focus on yourself and your personal inventory.
  2. What is right and what is wrong - so take your list and divide the inventory into what you feel is "right and wrong" about your professional and personal life at this stage. It's ok to have many more items on either side of the list. This is a great step toward finding transformation within yourself. Still, this is not the time to think about impacts on others. This is all about you and your feelings...your personal inventory. Once you have made your list of what you consider to be "right and wrong" with your personal and professional life, look at the list and let each item sink into your thoughts. How does each item make you feel? Is each item a real obstacle or is it an opportunity for change?
  3. *Transforming your own stubborn misconceptions - after many years of "doing something the same way," it is difficult to change as the people, technology and processes change around you. Could your own stubborn misconceptions be causing a problem at your company? And could those misconceptions actually be causing a problem within yourself? If you do uncover stubborn misconceptions within yourself, jot these down. Holy crap...this is where big transformation can happen for you and for your company. Now think about these misconceptions outside of yourself. How do you think others at work think about your misconceptions? How do these possibly affect workflow and customers? If you can honestly think about this and come to a point of realization, you could literally change yourself, your life and your company.
  4. Accept and take some risk - looking within yourself and being honest is both relieving and a bit isolating, at this point. Remember, you're supposed to be doing this exercise by yourself. If you're reviewing your list and thinking deeply about options and areas that you might like to transform within yourself, you might see some risk attached. Is the risk on you, your family, your company, your career or your ego? Please do yourself a favor and write the risks down. Risks are never as daunting when you write them down as they are in your mind! With your risks written down, you can weigh them against possible transformations you are considering for yourself. And consider the risk/rewards for each one. Are there risks that you wrote down without rewards? Those may not be worth the risk.
  5. Let the light shine - what we hope will happen to you is that your "light" will shine and you will see the opportunities to transition in some form. However, don't be concerned if the light doesn't shine yet. Keep thinking about your lists and how it makes you feel. Finding transformation within yourself is far more personal than applying digital transformation against an outdated business process at the office. Or do you think that you may be outdated? Do you feel like maybe the digital innovations and progressive economy has passed you by? If you do, that could be your light. And that's ok! There are so many options for ask for help, to transform your way of thinking, to transition to another approach at what you're doing or to bring in people who have the expertise that you're missing. Give yourself permission to let yourself shine. This is your transformation. Anything that you uncover on your list can be transformed.
  6. Sharing and implementing - once you feel positive about identifying one or multiple personal transformations, you can share, if you like, and begin implementing your personal transformations. Just like you are beginning a digital transformation or business transition process at your company, make yourself a strategy. Any type of personal transformation is going to take time, repetition, testing and review. But this is all about you.

Out of any type of crisis comes recovery and growth. It works for a company and business, and it works for people, too. We know because we have been through this process multiple times over 26+ years with ourselves and many clients.

The Idea People in Charlotte works with business owners in personal and business transformation services.

Types of Professional/Personal Transformations

The first half of 2020 has been a challenging and changing year. And we cannot push a "reset" button on that! But we can push reset buttons on our companies and ourselves. And while we are all busy transitioning and transforming our companies and businesses, let's also spend some time on our personal and professional transformations. That is one thing that every one of us can do and be successful. If we can help you with your professional transformation, please contact our company president, Jay Joyce, at 704-398-4437 or

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