IoT - Be Prepared

The Quick Read

Blending the physical and digital worlds.

You’ve heard about it. IoT connects every “thing” to the Internet and collects data from a series of sensors, beacons and processes. You’re already familiar with IoT from automated homes, security systems and automotive monitoring. IoT moves business from the Information Age to the Intelligence Age. IoT will make early adopters digital sensations while non-adopters will become digital catastrophes.

It’s going to be in your business, and there are steps that you can do to prepare for it today. Contact Jay Joyce or call 704-398-4437 to schedule a time when we could meet with you and share ideas about how to ready your business leveraging assets from our IoT services. View our video on that page as well. We are the Agency of Things™.

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The Deeper Technical Read

Most IoT data are not used today for any process. It goes unnoticed and unmonitored. Approximately 1% of data are ever examined. The critical path to success with IoT? It’s the interoperability between IoT systems. We still need a standardization of IoT languages and platforms. We need to standardize the reporting database structures so people can interpret the data across platforms. Digitization of IoT blurs the lines between technology companies like The Idea People and other types of businesses. For example, makers of industrial machinery can create new IoT business models by using IoT links and data to offer their products as a service.

Why Do I Need IoT?

  1. Whether a manufacturer or a service business, you can benefit with IoT.
  2. It’s all about the data. Connect it, collect it, report it and sell it back to clients.
  3. IoT data will give you predictive analytics. Imagine that for predicting outcomes from your product or service.
  4. IoT will place a monetary and measurement value on employee and resource down time.
  5. Operations management and predictive maintenance.
  6. Public safety and health, traffic control.
  7. Monitoring and managing healthcare, improving wellness.
  8. Retail self-checkout, store layout optimization, smarter customer CRM.
  9. Enhanced automobile navigation, automated vehicles, logistics routing.