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The Internet of Things (I0T) is a real vision that will affect your business beginning today. You know the power of the Internet and what it can do to all businesses, large or small. IoT will impact revenue in your business, whether you’re a manufacturer or a service-based company.

As the Agency of Things™, we see IoT as two pieces. First, connecting everyday items to the Internet allowing processes to be automated. Second, collecting, dissecting and reporting on the data to enhance business-making decisions. Technology, Data, Design & Technology-based Marketing.

It’s really true that we will all be digital sensations or digital catastrophes. Our purpose as your IoT Agency is to help you prepare with the first steps and the last mile of connecting your business to the IoT. We have 24+ years of experience preparing for this next generation Internet offering. You will need an IoT Agency. We are here today to help you make informed business decisions about how IoT will affect your marketplace position and offerings.

The IoT & Data
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IoT moves business from the Information Age to the Intelligence Age. With devices connected to the Internet, the massive amounts of data collected from the devices will need analysis, custom algorithms, decision-making points and outcome reporting. Our partnership with the UNCC College of Computing & Informatics brings strong Charlotte-based technology and data science resources to your front door. Imagine the insight you will have on customer behavior as you use predictive analytics to virtually guarantee outcomes.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) will affect your business.

IoT will place a monetary and measurement value on employee and machine “down” time. We developed an IoT service application for hotel chains (Innspector case study) to replace outdated manual room review tasks with much faster mobile technologies that give an instant snapshot for hotel room maintenance and housekeeping teams.

The result is highly-increased room availability and faster maintenance resolutions.

This is the bottom line on how IoT will propel your business to adapt. The streamlined and automated processes will minimize downtime and maximize employee resources. Technology, data and better decision-making will provide an overall healthier ROI.

How We Can Help You.

We offer IoT services from the first step to the last mile.

  • IoT Assessments & Technology Reviews
  • New Service Creation
  • Data Science & Algorithms
  • Web & Mobile Software
  • Creative Design for UX/UI
  • Technology-based Marketing

The IoT applications for products and manufacturers are fairly clear. Sensors will transmit data to be processed. Service-based business IoT applications will involve creating new digital services through the use of connected devices that will automate processes, streamline employee performance and to bring more value to existing customers.

The end result of a successful IoT integration is the access to having the data to help you operate more profitably.

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