Internet of Things (IOT)


IoT and the Internet of Things can be seen in everyday products and businesses that we all know. From appliances to lawnmowers to hospitals to manufacturing companies, IoT technology is connecting people and equipment to data.

IoT & AI (Artificial Intelligence)

So we’re all in the cloud now. Or, at least, we hope you are. Companies like Amazon and Google already offer established AI servers and programs that run the heavy lifting of artificial intelligence. We build the front part that collects the data from your machines then serve it up to one of these AI platforms. You get much deeper data dives from AI and you’ll see how your company uses resources cog by cog. You gain efficiencies from the data and then help your company run more profitably.

Industry 4.0, Beacons & Blockchain

If IoT itself is not confusing enough, here come more trends in the Internet of Things that you should monitor. Industry 4.0 Tech – closely monitoring machine performance can anticipate manufacturing machine maintenance time. This will save downtime and keep facilities operating smoothly. Beacons – the beacon is the workhorse for IoT. They collect and transmit the raw data from the machine. Watch for incredible advances this year. Blockchain Tech – blockchain and IoT work closely together to monitor real-time performance KPIs. This will engulf just-in-time inventories, supply chains and shipping.

How We Can Help

– IoT Assessments & Technology Reviews
– IoT System Architecture – Beacons to the Cloud
– Custom Algorithm Development
– Web & Mobile Software Development
– Strategy & Implementation of Digital Transformation.

IoT, digital transformation, machine learning and AI are poised to help your company innovate to thrive. The concepts we discuss with you include transforming from mind to machine, migrating products to a platform and moving from your inside core to the outside crowd. Contact Jay Joyce with TIP at 704-398-4437 or email to hear how we can help you integrate IoT.

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