IT and Marketing Titans at the Table in 2018

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 05, 2018

We wouldn't say that IT and marketing were necessarily the best of friends since 1998, but the incredible advances in technology and the soaring demands in customer marketing are bringing these two formidable titans to the table once again in a collaborative and friendly venture to propel their company forward.

If you remember back in 1998, IT was in control of all things "web" and marketing was in the back seat with zero influence. And then the magical switch was flipped in 2000 when web marketing and e-commerce became a marketing game and ownership switched to the marketing team.

Well, the company website is now the property of both the IT and marketing team. And it couldn't come at a better time for the C-suite and company owners. And a really good web partner is the glue that helps both sides realize the goals they need to satisfy both titan's appetites for success.

How are IT and Marketing Working Together?

The Idea People in Charlotte brings together IT web development and marketing.We at The Idea People are seeing a wonderful trend of talented IT and marketing teams meeting at the table with challenging goals from the C-suite. The goals include new commands like:

There is no way to accomplish these goals without both sides working together. IT needs new technology and bandwidth that they have never had before. And marketing needs help understanding how on earth they are going to evolve their outdated web and digital channels to something that resembles "Amazon."

So both sides are sitting at the table in need of a solid web and development partner that understands the web, ERP software connectivity, digital channels and pulling these worlds together. It's the only way that both the IT team and the marketing team will see the success for the tasks they have been assigned.

Begin with a Unified Vision for IT and Marketing

It's clear to say that both IT and marketing have different roles, different educations and different thought processes about what they do. So a unifying vision is the first step in a successful collaboration between these two career titans. It's about strategy and communication.

The IT team and the marketing team want similar successes from their careers at the same company. They want career stability, more money, advancement opportunities, learning fulfillment and challenging work.

The future of business only includes a successful and engaging online portal where customers can access their accounts and conduct business with every an Amazon-like manner! So marketing and IT are going to end up back at the table as the two big titans face each other again in this crazy world of web, marketing and information technology.

We can be your ideal web, information technology (IT), software development and high-level marketing partner. Please contact Jay Joyce at or call 704-398-4437. We'll even meet you at the table and help glue these titans together.

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