Does Your Business Need a Live-Streaming App?

by Bill McCown - May 19, 2015

Live-streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope allow users to “explore the world in real time through someone else’s eyes.” People can use their phones to share live video of their surroundings while others chat with them in real-time. Periscope says, “What excites us most about Periscope is the power of seeing something for yourself.

We watched someone rise above the Sonoma Valley in a hot air balloon; we witnessed ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ directly from Ferguson, Missouri, a terrifying fire that erupted in San Francisco’s Mission district and a live performance from a pianist who played any song requested from the audience.”

Does Your Business Need Periscope / Meerkat?

“Oh great,” I can hear digital marketers grumbling, “Another social media channel to keep up with!”

Live-streaming is an innovative new tool for sharing content in real time, but it is not necessary for every business. It is ideal for companies that host events or just want to show a behind the scenes peek of their culture.

Live-streaming shows an honest and real-time snapshot of what your business is doing right at that moment. Whether it’s a quiet day at the office or a huge celebration, you can share your experience with anyone. If you aren’t comfortable with the whole world watching what you’re up to on a given day, then Periscope / Meerkat is not for you.

Interesting Uses for Live-Streaming Apps

Many news companies use a live-streaming app as a way to connect with viewers by chatting with them from the newsroom between broadcasts. Also, celebrities have done informal question and answer sessions live from wherever they happen to be. Musician Questlove used Meerkat to broadcast his recording session for a new song he was working on – giving music fans a fascinating glimpse into his creative process. Some users are just regular people walking down the street, chatting with whoever happens to click on their feed.

Live-streaming apps like Meerkat have been buzzing in the social media world recently and have quickly become the hottest tech trend of the year so far. Take a look at this interview with Meerkat founder Ben Rubin to see how people are using and reacting to live-streaming apps to see if it's a natural fit with your brand's message:

Anytime you want to share with the world, live-streaming services are an interesting and innovative way to break down the barriers of social media!

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