Move From Digital Marketing to Enterprise Marketing

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jun 09, 2019

Digital marketing is indeed the skill to perfect for any size company that needs to target online customers. And digital marketing works well at scoring hits, visits, brand awareness, etc. But why is standard digital marketing failing at producing qualified leads for a sales team to pull through to conversion? Why is digital marketing on its own so average at producing results?

There are so many digital marketers and agencies who claim to be "experts" in their field. They do know how to post a post and generate new page likes. They also know how to manage PPC campaigns and buy social media ads. They may even be good at adding exclamation points on every post, driving energy and excitement to an audience.

But where are the results? How much has standard digital marketing impacted your sales and profit? Are you running a digital campaign but seeing no results in the conversion column? There is a 93% chance that you are. Standard digital marketing is real good at masking the real issue of generating qualified leads and driving them through your conversion process. That is why we suggest moving to a more enterprise marketing approach to building sales pipelines and interacting with your physical sales team.

Move From Digital Marketing to Enterprise Marketing

Alright, so there's another slightly new term you need to learn: enterprise marketing. How is enterprise marketing different from digital marketing? Enterprise marketing builds focus on exponentially increasing qualified leads to your enterprise, whether there are 10 people or 1,000+ people in your company. And it's a collaboration between digital strategies and your real team sales strategies.

Enterprise Marketing for the Win

First off the bat, we use enterprise marketing to fill sales pipelines with qualified targets. The focus is on conversion. While digital marketing looks at the digital footprint of your company, enterprise marketing looks at your company as an entity. Yes, we use digital tactics to drive the pipeline, but we also deploy stronger marketing and sales tactics through research, stronger content writing, broader audience set targeting and more-refined online campaigns. Plus we balance this with your sales team so we work in tandem.

Enterprise marketing is focused on increasing your qualified prospect pipelines. You may already be getting leads, but they're the wrong leads. Or the leads may be too small in value and a waste of time.

Enterprise marketing agency The Idea People in Charlotte, NC, uses digital marketing with physical direct sellers.

The Enterprise Marketing Calling Cards
  1. Decision Influencers - these are the bottom players in a company. They are the workers and the people producing a service or product. And in the enterprise marketing world, they are important to drive recommendations up the chain, even if their own reasons are tied directly to just their tasks.
  2. Middle Management - these career people are line managers, sales managers and operations management. Their evaluations and recommendations are key to the C-suite on purchase decisions. Middle management is important.
  3. C-suite - the C-suite is where decisions and purchases are made. These are typically division or market segment decision-makers or they are the ultimate decision makers, like an owner or CEO. Of course, these are key people to reach.

What is missing from digital marketing in these sales pipelines? There's no relationship with the top or the middle. Enterprise marketing addresses relationship selling with digital tactics. And each of our three market audiences are important in driving a relationship with the real decision maker.

Enterprise marketing works in tandem with your direct sales team and customer service team. We visually "see" who your top customers are and we chart a course of building online pipelines for those people while your team makes physical contact with them.

We see enterprise marketing as a "one-two" punch to pull qualified leads through the sales pipeline. And we've seen this technique work with companies to sell wider, sell larger and sell more often to target prospects.

To learn more about enterprise marketing, please contact me, Jay Joyce, at 704-398-4437 or email I uniquely have the direct selling and the digital strategy experience to build an effective platform for your successful pipeline.

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