Our Journey to an Agile Agency

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 08, 2019

With more than 25 years under our agency hat, we've seen just about every type of project management and development workflow model that exists. Waterfall. Scrum. Kanban. Lean. And, "Oh My Gosh! The Client Wants It Tomorrow!" Several years ago we initiated the Scrum model and have migrated to the Agile Agency model as of 2018.

Scrum was indeed the best project management model for a web development agency before we transitioned to Agile.

Comparing the Scrum to Agile Agency Models

Scrum Agency Management

We really enjoyed the Scrum/Agile model of agency project management. Scrum brought more practical organization and structure to our collaborative environment of on-boarding and managing client projects. And many of our clients actually used Scrum in the management of their project workflows. We had tremendous benefit from Scrum because the system is planned and practical in delivering our client products and projects.

Agile Agency Management

With our adoption of digital transformation and the workflow that stems from transformative client projects, we needed a process that offered more agility. Because of the work we were doing, we easily transformed into an Agile Agency.

Our internal culture at TIP is collaborative and cross-disciplined, so we needed the Agile culture to accommodate our rapid learning and fast decision-making on client projects. Our web design teams work so closely with our front-end and backend teams that the Agile culture better matched our workflow. And everybody in our agency touches every project under the Agile culture. No silos exist.

Becoming an Agile Agency was a natural progression for us from Scrum. Agile allows our teams to make decisions closer to the design and development point versus running permission upstream. Agile gives us flexibility and speed while we maintain project integrity and timelines.

The end products under the Agile Agency model have been stronger because of it. Projects come together faster from concept to design to development under the Agile banner. This gives our teams more time to build stronger user experiences, to integrate more technology and to deliver a more valuable end product to our client.

The upside to growing into Scrum years ago was really strong. It gave us structure, a pathway to development, places for the client to interact and visibility to the entire project planned in convenient sprint deliverables. It worked well for us. Scrum gave us discipline, accountability and a project roadmap.

Results from Our Agile Agency Journey

The transformation to an Agile Agency has been a natural platform of growth for us. The Agile Agency model gives our team members decision-making capabilities at the point of development, which speeds development time and encourages cross-team collaboration. Agile fits our internal agency culture very well.

The benefits we are seeing as an Agile Agency include incredible and rapid progress from our teams, stronger and more viable frameworks sooner, better client transparency and interaction, more "quality work" over "quantity work" and deeper dives into client project deliverables.

Clients need faster development and implementation time for their web and software projects. Time is money. And the Agile Agency model has been a blessing to allowing our teams to really excel at what they do best. And because our internal culture is on-target for Agile, we see 80% more results from the same 20% of effort. So we turn projects faster and build stronger client relationships for on-going work.

Please contact Jay Joyce at 704-398-4437 or jay@theideapeople.com to learn more about how our Agile Agency environment can help your company with web design, web development, digital marketing and digital transformation.

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