Our Software Application Working in COVID-19 Disruption

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Mar 30, 2020

As we speak with our clients through this COVID-19 disruption, we are truly learning the value of having strategy, pre-planning, preparedness and teamwork. Our own team remained vigilant through the early development of the COVID-19 story and we decided to deploy our work from home strategy back on March 16th.

Many of our clients depend on software solutions that we have developed and still support today for the successful operation of their business processes and client or customer experiences. In the case of one of our clients, the software and the volunteer experiences, is life saving in nature.

Samaritan's Purse has been deployed to set up and operate a 68-bed field hospital in Central Park in New York City as a response to COVID-19. The web software platform that we developed and support allows them to onboard volunteer doctors and licensed medical professionals to respond to this crisis. The automated volunteer platform handles all background checks and credentialing for the medical professionals to respond through the program quickly. It's amazing, just like their organization.

Web software application development from The Idea People in Charlotte can automate outdated processes.

Our software engineers and designers who are involved in the daily development and support of this web software are extremely proud of their work, to say the least. It's serious work like this that really matters when a fatal disruption occurs and trained medical professionals need to be coordinated from one entry point. Samaritan's Purse has also been deployed in Italy for several weeks making a difference there with tons of medical supplies and medical professionals.

Automating manual processes through business transformation services from The Idea People help organizations like Samaritan's Purse respond to disruptions.

While every business may not need the disruptive capabilities or global responsiveness like Samaritan's Purse, most businesses do need the capabilities to automate manual business processes and realign customer experiences in preparation for disruptive events like the one we are currently experiencing. And while our design, development and marketing teams work remotely, we continue to support our clients through this disruption at a 100% response level. Their businesses remain operating and we continue to work on new development initiatives.

Please reach out to us for knowledge sharing and to help your company find innovation in this disruption. Our critical services are business transformation, software development and web design. All of us at TIP wish you blessings for a healthy and safe journey. Contact our company president, Jay Joyce, at 704-398-4437 or email jay@theideapeople.com. We can meet via Zoom, GoToMeeting or other online meeting platforms.

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