Pay Per Click & Online Ad Trends You Should Know

by Jay Joyce, President/CEO - Jul 27, 2017

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click advertising is one of the best ways to boost your SEO and to increase the exposure your brand needs to get your name out there. But let’s take a step back. What is SEO? Well, it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Why is this so valuable? If you have a website for your service or product, you want to attract customers to your site. Just like with a physical store where you may spend money on a fancy sign and billboards to attract cars to your location, SEO is the digital way to do that for your online store.Search Engine Optimization consultant touching SEO button on whiteboard

The tricky part? SEO and Pay Per Click trends are constantly evolving, and it’s critical to stay up to date with your strategy in order to keep increasing your customer base.

We’re seven months into 2017, and you still have plenty of time to take advantage of the various PPC trends out there. To make it even easier, we’ve done the research for you and found the most important PPC trends to take advantage of right now.

Increased Targeting

You’ve probably noticed this on your own, but Google and Facebook seem to know what you do online better than you do. There are gigantic sums of data on nearly everyone, so how do you as an advertiser use that to your advantage?

Google recently released demographic targeting for search ads. Allowing advertisers access to target by demographic is just a small part of the vast, collective knowledge that Google holds near and dear. So as 2017 continues, look at Google for a bigger peak into what they know about their users.

In order for Google to compete with Facebook, it’s going to have to give advertisers more user demographic data (such as age & gender).

More Online Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are going to take up more real estate in SERPs, which is going to encourage more brands to invest in them. These ads are different than traditional PPC ads because they are more like carousel items you’d see in search, with the relevant information right there in the ad. Users can see the price and click right there and then to purchase.

If you’re a retailer, you’ll want to begin to shift your focus to include more of these ads.Hand holding phone, touching search application icon on screen

More Search Text Ads

The amount of Google Search text ads is also going to increase for the remainder of 2017. These small ads appear in the SERPs just like other results, but they have a small icon that indicates they are an ad. These ads get a little more play because they look like organic search results. Users are more likely to trust them and to notice them.

Experts predict Google is going to add more features to these types of ads as well, which will expand on options for your to reach your audience base.

Waterproof Tracking

Do you know where all of your online leads come from? Almost no one does because there are a variety of holes or blind spots in your tracking. There are ways to upgrade and change that.

Advertisers are looking to close any gaps in their tracking, so that everything is “waterproof”, and nothing will slip through. The ability to analyze where your leads are coming from is vital in your online marketing effots.

How can you accurately understand your ROI if you don’t know where the sales came from? Was it from Facebook, Google, maybe even an organic search? How can you optimize for high-performing platforms when you aren’t sure which is doing better than the other?

Make sure your tracking code on your website is up-to-date so you know where your data is coming from in order to make accurate projections for the future.

Ad Partnership

When we talk about Pay Per Click, we’re usually talking about Google, but it isn’t the only provider for PPC ads. In fact, Facebook is taking a large share of PPC budgets. Both google and Facebook are expected to take in 73 cents for every dollar spent on digital ads next year.

We don’t suggest that you jump the Google ship and solely focus on Facebook, or vice versa. Rather you should look at creating ad partnerships and spreading your budget on both. Some marketers use the approach of creating brand awareness on Facebook, and then drive sales with Google ads. You can customize your strategy to your brands advantage.


This element never left online marketing, but people are starting to realize how important creativity and adaptability in the marketProduct meeting. New marketing strategy brainstorming. Startup in open space office. Intentional sun glare place really are.

Being quick and staying up to date with the trends may seem tedious, but it’s a requirement to stay on top of new strategies and targeting options.

A great way to accomplish this is by constantly testing new ads and ad formats. Don’t be afraid to try something new, it could be the next big trend. Everyone is involved with Internet advertising. In order to stay ahead of the curve, look for brainpower, creativity and adaptation as vital tools. Or as we coin it, ‘diagonal thinking’.

Want to get involved in the digital marketing game, but don’t know where to start? Email us at  and we can talk to you about developing an effective and relevant online strategy.

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