People-First Digital Marketing Strategy

by Bill McCown - Apr 24, 2015

In today’s digital age of marketing, we get so caught up in flashy new technology and trendy software that we forget the point of it all: people.

Believe it or not, there is a person behind every screen. There are people creating every button on every website, every word in every status update, and every image or video that goes viral. It’s easy in digital marking to forget about people. After all, all I can see from my desk is a keyboard and a screen. But to be successful in the digital space, you have to make a connection with the people behind the screens.

Powerful Personal Connections

Your brand’s message is one drop in the vast ocean of digital content. It may seem impossible to stand out or to make your company’s voice heard. But you don’t need to reach out to everyone on the planet – you only need to connect with one person at a time. If your brand’s message finds the right person at the right time, you can create a powerful personal connection.

But, how do you connect with that person? Simple: create captivating content. Engaging content is anything that makes a person feel something. If you can make a person laugh, or cry, or think then you’ve created useful and productive content. Examine your company’s blog or social media stream. Is it a collection of stuffy keywords “optimized” for Google’s search algorithm? Or is it something more? Does your content have a voice or a point of view? Does your content have an opinion or an attitude?

Simply put: does your content make you feel something? If not, then your readers won’t either and they’ll click something else. Remember, websites aren’t made by computers – they’re made by people, for people. Next time you’re creating online digital marketing content, remember the person on the other side of the screen.

Where Ideas and People Get Together

From coming up with ideas to implementing them, we have the tools to accomplish it all. As a digital marketing strategy and web design company in Charlotte, The Idea People put great ideas into the foundation of every strategy that we implement.

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