10 Park Lanes

A legendary destination, igniting a new tradition.

The Challenge

10 Park Lanes approached The Idea People wanting a website redesign. Their old site didn’t function well, and didn’t include the features and enhancements needed to continue their marketplace dominance as a fun destination for Charlotte. 10 Park wanted features such as reserve a lane, an entertainment and events calendar, and multiple contact forms. Their goal was to have a website that served as an “entertainment destination” instead of just another bowling alley. Of particular importance was effectively communicating their beloved restaurant, which has been featured on The Food Network.

The Solution

By redefining the brand, The Idea People helped transform 10 Park Lanes from a bowling alley to a full-service entertainment destination. This led to the creation of “Good Food. Good Friends. Good Times.” We redesigned their website with a fresh but retro feel. Custom photography enhances the redesign along with repositioning of the brand story. The selection of vivid colors, interesting fonts and vintage design elements produce a new twist on a well-established brand.

Redefining the Brand

10 Park Lanes is synonymous with bowling in Charlotte. The brand is over 50 years old and is a fixture of Montford Drive. With the use of fun colors, the creation of an exciting website, and interactive animations, The Idea People was able to elevate 10 Park Lanes from a bowling-only facility to an entertainment complex.


The new website needed to show a new look for a well-established brand. By reinforcing the “retro” feel of 10 Park Lanes, combined with a clearly-defined user experience, you know exactly what to expect: a place to play, eat, drink and party. A new name and redesigned logo for their restaurant, 10 Pin Brew & BBQ, introduces the world-class cuisine offered in a unique setting. Designed in WordPress, their new site is responsive and uses the latest technology available for an exciting user experience.

Telling the Brand Story

In order to transition 10 Park Lanes from the past to the present, we created interesting and unique content that married their legendary history to a fresh, interesting design. Content creation included a dedicated page on their landmark location from 1963 to establishing a new tradition for 2015 and beyond. The content is a treat for those that frequent 10 Park Lanes and provides an open door to reacquaint yourself to see what you’ve been missing.

Photo Shoot

A major part of the website redesign centered around several photo shoots for needed images to show how Park 10 Lanes had evolved over the years. By showing visuals, enhanced with the content, The Idea People were able to reinforce the current environment of fun, fun, fun. We managed all aspects of the photo shoots, including a night shoot where patrons were invited to participate in the new website re-design.

Client Testimonial

The website redesign was our first project with The Idea People, and it won’t be our last! The new site conveys exactly what we had in mind…we just didn’t know how to take our ideas from thoughts to a web presence that is second to none in our competitive space. If you are not working with The Idea People, I would ask “why not?


Since the redesign, Park 10 Lanes stays constantly booked and has enjoyed consistent growth in their craft beer and alcohol sales, restaurant purchases, reserve a lane online interaction, and group party sales. The new site has lowered their customer acquisition costs and has resulted in past patrons coming back for the new services.

Growth Since Launch 35%