Launching a new brand for North American consumers

ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in commercial garage doors, engaged TIP for the North American launch of their residential products and services.



As global innovators in access solutions, Sweden-based ASSA ABLOY is recognized internationally for their garage door design and build, but as the industry moved forward, they were missing a large segment of the audience in North America residential sales.

ASSA ABLOY needed expertise in launching their residential products to the American and Canadian consumer. They needed a vision and team that could help them thrive.

Together, we launched a consumer-based national brand that introduced design and functionality to garage doors that sparked new growth for their corporation to a new segment.

The Challenge

We asked ourselves how we could design a digital experience to introduce a new brand to the North American consumer.  ASSA ABLOY wanted to use their successful commercial brand to transform over for consistency, while not losing existing brand awareness. Additionally, we faced goliath garage door competitors that were beginning to play a stronger marketing game through digital channels. We had a set of large tasks ahead of us.

The Outcome

Together, TIP and ASSA ABLOY marketing teams were able to brainstorm a true roadmap for their residential products and services, effectively reimagining ASSA ABLOY to better enter the consumer market meetings the demands of their audience head-on. We also helped launch a new consumer web platform, capable of growing their US and Canadian properties, offering product and services on a local level as well.

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Creating a Trusted B2C Brand 

The story actually begins not with ASSA ABLOY but with global North American manufacturer of garage doors, Emtrematic, who was white labeling the products for sale in Lowes and Home Depot across the states. Instead, ASSA ABLOY wanted their own brand to stand for durability, design and functionality.

TIP was brought on to do the digital due-diligence (which revealed a strong opportunity for growth), platform design, and development, ensuring a successful customer experience from the landing pages to the actual sale.

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Expansion into North America

TIP further helped with the North American expansion, digital transformation, and business model innovations by connecting the local business units within the consumer-facing brand and the role they could play independently and together within a US/Canadian marketplace.

The platform is engineered to hold hundreds of locations through America and Canada.

Creating the Future of ASSA ABLOY

To begin transforming the ASSA ABLOY consumer brand, we looked in reverse to understand how they became a household name in the commercial segment and what it is that makes people know and love them.

Through our original digital due-diligence process we were able to use data insights and other brand assessment methods, we determined that ASSA ABLOY was a well-known commercial name and had a strong positive sentiment toward it. 

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Designing a Long-Lasting Digital Experience

The TIP design team studied current trends and best practices in order to help ASSA ABLOY leverage all the buying power of it’s commercial brand to the residential segment. Brought to life through design and storytelling, the new visual direction for the brand tells a story of being tech-enabled and future-forward, while still showing its roots as a commercial brand. The new look utilizes colors, typography, and design techniques that demonstrate the rebirth of the business from a commerical service to include a more premium, yet friendly, digital-first experience, including the incorporation of geo-locating the browser to the location closest to the user.

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What’s Your Match?

In order to make the new brand fun, TIP invented an AI-powered module to help match an ASSA ABLOY garage door to your personality. By identifying a person’s lifestyle and tastes, the module has the ability to learn the personal preferences of the user, and pick the garage doors that best fit their tastes. 

Build Your Garage Door

Another section of the platform allows you to take a picture of your house and design the perfect garage door. The image of the newly-designed garage door embeds itself over the uploaded picture and presents in real-time, an authentic image of your house with your new garage door. Inspirational, right? 

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Online Scheduler

A large percentage of ASSA ABLOY’s new North American sales and business functions was shifting to online, so their digital experiences had to match the overall brand launch. With the new brand look & feel, plus an overall UX experience intended to streamline and simplify transactions, the new is the high-speed home for residential garage doors.

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The focus, determination, and methodologies TIP used throughout the residential integration was a great learning experience and eye-opening exercise in brand alignment. Our new web platform is second-to-none in a competitive industry, and further proves their design and development experitise. 

Cameron Potts
Marketing Director

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