Operate On Us

A world leader in medical supplies distribution.

The Challenge

Dealmed is a well-established medical supply company, based in Brooklyn, New York. The marketing team at Dealmed came to The Idea People with challenges. Their services were identical to other competitors in their space. There were no features of benefits of buying from Dealmed. There was no “buzz” about their services. They wanted their brand to be in the conversation. On social media. In content. At trade shows. Plus they wanted a “big idea” to differentiate their brand from all the other medical supply providers.

The Solution

First, we researched all of Dealmeds digital marketing initiatives to identify any problem(s) and root causes. We brainstormed alternative solutions, and generated five great ideas. After meeting with the Dealmed team again, we selected the appropriate solution. The next phase was to move into production of the products needed. Finally, we continuously checked the solutions by gathering data and measuring the process outputs to truly identify the impact of the solution.

The Idea: Operate On Us!

The selected concept was a big idea centered around the age-old “Operation” game. Operation has pass the test of time, from it’s humble beginnings in 1965, to big sales in today’s marketplace. The concept was simple…by selecting a pair of tweezers, the user could pick a competitor look-a-like logo, and remove it from the body. This idea would be supported by digital and traditional marketing, with a twist. The brand would transform from a generic look, to a contemporary retro feel. Every problem would be addressed: brand equity, services differentiation, social media “buzz” creation, and the “big idea” Dealmed desired. A medical-marvel was invented!

Lead Conversion Campaign

The campaign was divided into a number of lead nourishing channels including targeted competitor clients and potential Dealmed identified customers. These groups were targeted with direct mail, email campaigns, and social media to produce traffic on the micro site. The campaign landing page contained sophisticated visitor tracking code, so we could identify the visitors the page, along with social media sharing. Follow-ups to the website visitors were controlled by marketing automation software using drip emails, and continued mailings.

Core Marketing Concepts


The result of the new campaign idea, landing page, digital and traditional marketing has changed the “game” for Dealmed. The landing page became top trending on Twitter #operateonus, and received over 500,000 likes on Pinterest. The buzz this campaign produced was well beyond the exceptions of Dealmed. Their service features and benefits have distinguished them from their competitions, creating a 27% increase in business over the last year. The contemporary-retro feel has now become the trademark of their brand.

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