The nationally-recognized app for hotel room inspectors.

The Challenge

Innspector began as a big idea from a local start-up. They successfully identified a niche market with a tremendous need, and had already generated interest from major hotel chains. The client presented us with the challenge of creating the product's name and branding. In addition to brandong, we created a simple and effective user experience for the app, as well as a complex software administration tool. Finally, we needed to implement national, targeted digital marketing campaigns that would speak directly to hotel managers and national hotel chains.

The Solution

Since this client would involve every service area of The Idea People, it was necessary to integrate team members from the beginning stages of the project. Through a series of brainstorming sessions, we formulated a road map that included all phases of the project.Facing a tight deadline, project management was key to keeping all departments in sync throughout the life cycle of development. From initial branding to app and website ux/design, to software development, digital marketing and content creation, we set down a path that would enable Inspector to become a national success.

Creating the Brand

Once the "Innspector" name was approved, The Idea People created the entire brand from scratch – not a simple task. The brand not only needed to be recognizable for marketing, it also had to serve as an icon for the mobile application itself. Through many iterations, the Innspector brand was born!

User Experience

The user experience for Inspector is as unique as the brand. There are two distinct users for the mobile app…one for hotel room inspection supervisors and the other for hotel general managers and group owners. Our task was to make both views similar, yet producing totally different results. Supervisors needed to be able to use the app to inspect hotel rooms quickly, while the general managers needed the ability to manage the app and generate reports.

Built for iPhone and iPad

Part of the success of marketing Inspector is the inclusion of iPads for the hotel staff as part of the monthly subscription fees. The decision to build the product for The App Store was a huge win-win for Innspector and its customers. Not only are they trained on the actual device they will be using, they are already familiar with the operating system!

Software Development

The development of a robust administration tool is another key to Innspector’s quick success. This web tool interacts with the specific hotel’s room inspectors. It gathers inspections, stores information and generates much-needed management reports to determine hotel performance, and employee rankings. In addition to being able to see each hotel inspector’s report, the general manager, can administer new employees and see how each person is performing in relationship to their peers.

Content Creation and Optimization

A custom content management system controls content for the mobile app and the web software. This content is customized for each hotel subscriber. For the marketing website, our team created and optimized content that highlights the features and benefits of Innspector. Along with a visual follow-thru, the content’s sole purpose is to generate leads.

Video Production

Innspector’s digital marketing includes a series of videos that were storyboarded, written, recorded, and produced by our video team at The Idea People. The main video is a marketing-sales video that relays the features and benefits of Inspector. Another video is focused on the app and how to use it effectively.

Client Testimonial

As a serial entrepreneur, my investment company has become a great partner with The Idea People. We have four projects under our belt with them, and they continue to amaze us with their ability to take an idea and turn it into a viable product. With Inspector, we had no idea how to execute our thoughts, and The Idea People guided us through each phase of the project, without fail. If you want the ‘oh-wow’ factor, I encourage you to talk with The Idea People. It’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done.


A start-up usually finds it difficult to generate sales. But not Inspector! Within a few months after launch, Inspector is now the inspection tool used by Hilton, Marriott, Aloft, Doubletree, and Courtyard by Marriott nationwide. The website generates at least 15 good leads per week and has established Inspector as a leader in their market.

Leads Per Week 15
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