Novant Health

An important medical mobile app, used for physician locations, media emergencies, and proximity notifications.

The Challenge

As a development partner for version 1.0 of the Novant Health mobile app, The Idea People spearheaded the development of 2.0, with a long wish-list of new and enhanced features. Some of these new features included using beacons for proximity based marketing opportunities, the implementation of an advanced search bar with instant results, the ability for the user to choose a wait time at a nearby emergency room, and the ability for the user to save favorite physicians and facilities, as well as a personalized emergency contacts page. An additional requirement was to integrate this technology into the internal Novant Health enterprise systems.

The Solution

Intuitive navigation for users of all ages was the main requirement for the app. Our first task was to work closely with the Novant Health marketing and technical team to determine what integration as needed to accomplish the goals of the app. The Idea People lead the way in fine-tuning custom API’s that would integrate with their internal enterprise systems, enabling the app to exchange information and notify various medical departments of upcoming emergency room visits. Development of the new app and its features were white-boarded and planned in advance before development began. Our goal was a seamless integration of the app’s new features for a successful launch on Google Play.


The Idea People’s strategy was to examine the existing app’s analytics to see which pages and sections were being heavily utilized. The result of that investigation would determine our priority for recommendations for improvements and enhancements. This process gave Novant Heath precise, documented information to make intelligent decisions regarding these app changes. Our goal was simple: to involve Novant Health’s marketing and technical teams at each phase of the project for constant monitoring to help keep the project moving forward from beginning to end.

Designed for the User

The user experience requires a simple, easy-to-navigate user experience. Through the use of the Novant brand colors, we created a user interface that pulled information from the internal Novant enterprise system. We implemented custom interfaces that could quickly allow a user to submit an emergency wait time at a nearby ER. The app includes a massive amount of interaction, yet the user interface’s one-click rule, provides important information instantaneously.

Software Development

The Novant Health app is a complex system, interacting with dozens of internal systems at hundreds of Novant facility locations throughout the nation. During the time of an emergency, the app has to react robustly and without fail. Bandwidth allocations, device location services and maintaining an open exchange of information with Novant facilities was paramount. My Chart is the personal medical records and physician communication app that users interact with digitally. My Chart is the user portal of the overall Novant Health Care system. Novant’s request to seamless jump from one app to the other is a brilliant idea that was implemented by The Idea People.

Emergency Wait Room Times

The most-used feature is the ER wait time at various Novant facilities. The ability to find an ER near you, and see wait times was a standard for Version 1.0. In this new version, The Idea People added the ability for a user to connect with that specific emergency room and submit a “Hold My Time” request.

Proximity-Based Beacon Technology

Novant Healthcare is the yearly sponsor of the Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade. Through the use of proximity-based beacon technology, participating floats were given the opportunity to push information and deals to the parade audience. When a float was in a close distance from a viewer, messaging would be pushed to their device using the Novant mobile app. Through the use of beacon technology, coupled with The Idea People app development, a new interactive element was delivered to this year’s parade, organized and promoted by City Center Partners.

Content Creation

Novant Health wanted to combine every physician location’s website into their main website. The Idea People were tasked with creating a brand “voice” for Novant, and to rewrite every physician’s website, based on their services. This year-long project resulted in hundreds of hours of content creation and writing, and integration into the main Novant Health website.


As a major healthcare provider in the Southeast, Novant Health has emerged as the leading digital services provider. The results of the app improvements and enhancements have proven a wise investment for Novant. The website consolidation of physicians now provides a consistent and cohesive user experience across all platforms.

New App Users 25,000
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